Top Ten Tuesday: Ten authors new to me this year whose books I plan to stalk

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I could have gone on and on, but I'm sleepy. 

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Jennifer Niven 

Niven is a certified genius.  Her YA debut was so emotionally striking and powerful that I literally sat up for hours after, re-reading bits, painting, processing.  I can't imagine anything she touches not being gold.  
Zen Cho 

It's a rare person who can mix Victorian delicacy and elegance with a bone-dry wit and whimsy.  Her first novel is a dazzling historical fantasy that recalls the childlike wonder of Diana Wynne Jones and prose reminiscent of Jane Austen.  

Kerstin Gier 

Gier's writing is whimsical, dryly funny, and sweet all rolled up in one.  It's like a less dark version of a Tim Burton movie with a little Labyrinth thrown in.  I can't wait for the sequel--and in the meantime, I can read the gem trilogy! 

Marie Rutkowski 

I came to the Winner's party late, but Rutkowski has me as a fan forever.  Her book is one of the most intricately plotted, stunningly written novels I've ever read.  No YA-basher could continue to bash after reading her work.  

Nicola Yoon 

How can one person be so charming and so poignant at one time?  Yoon captured my heart with Everything, Everything, and I can't to see what kooky, heartfelt sophomore novel she has in store.  


Kate Elliott 

How did I not realize this amazing human existed before now?  Probably because her other works are in the adult world--and I'm totally eager to gobble up all her past works, because her YA debut is the very best in sword and sorcery. 


Adam Silvera 

Silvera simultaneously broke my heart and made me want to read everything he's ever written.  Except this was his debut so now I have to wait.  Whine whine whine.  

Naomi Novak 

After reading Uprooted, I was convinced of Naomi Novak's literary greatness.  She spins a fabulous story, her plots and twists bend the conventions of the genre, and her language is as pretty as her book cover.  

Libba Bray 

For some reason it took me approximately forever to read The Diviners, but I lashed through it (and then Lair of Dreams) in less than a week.  Her writing is so rich, her stories sweeping and grand, her characters devilishly likable.  Time to go back and read her early stuff.  

Stephanie Kuehn 

Charm & Strange is exactly what it promises, not to mention it's written with a style worthy of any MFA.  I happen to have Complicit right on my shelf, ready to go, and I'm sure it'll be just as darkly profound.  


  1. I really want to read more or Jennifer Niven as well! She's definitely on my auto-buy authors now :D I really need to read Everything Everything and The Winner's Curse!

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

    1. She's good enough that I may even delve into her adult stuff, even though I usually don't do much adult contemporary. READ THEM OMG.

  2. I know the Winner's trilogy but have not yet entered The Diviner's series. I have checked and added most of the books on this list to my TBD wishlist. In my case I actually buy books off my wish list and have my eyes on Everything Everything and Charm and Strange for Christmas buying. Thank you for introducing me to 8 books I have not known before and the two I am eyeing now.

    1. It's really intimidating but SO worth the 1200 or so pages of books 1 and 2 combined. I hope you find some new favorites!

  3. Uprooted made my TTT this week too! SUCH an amazing read ♥ I still need to dig into my copies for Court of Fives, The Diviners and The Winner's Curse...and get my hands on Sorcerer to the Crown, but I want to! Awesome picks here C.J.^^ ♥

    1. It's honestly one of my favorites of the year. READ THEM YOU MUST seriously those three are some of the best fantasies I've read in YA. Just read them all. :P Thank you, madame. ;) <3

  4. AHH. SO MANY FABULOUS AUTHORS HERE CJ! So glad to see you like all of them too! Marie Rutkoski is an absolute goddess - her writing is perfection, and her romance is just perfect. So glad you enjoyed The Winner's Curse as much as I did! And All the Bright Places was so heartbreaking and well-written. It definitely deserves all the hype it's been getting. xD

    1. Yeeees! She's my absolute idol. OMG ATBP is one of my all-time favorites now, I love it so much.

  5. I am reading The Diviners right now and it's a reminder of why I love Libba Bray's books.