Book Fun: What happens when Young Adult characters hit the dating classifieds

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Today's Blogging Slump Buster prompt is to do a dating profile for a character, but I'm gonna go old school and give you a smattering of personal ads from the classifieds.  For all you post-techie kids, people used to post these in the newspaper, in the same place where you'd sell cars and apartments.  Think non-digital Craig's List.   (Click the covers if you're interested in ordering--and a little bit goes to helping out your poor broke blogger.)  

For extra fun, write your own in the comments! I'd love to see them!

the classifieds                         looking for love

one    Helene
Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir 

Athletic female looking for like-minded male.  Must be tall, soldier preferred.  Rebel sympathizers need not reply.   
Dorian Havilliard 
Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas 

Dashing, clever prince looking for sturdy companion unlikely to die in the near future.  Should like books, chocolates, and sarcasm.  Ability to kill mercilessly preferred.  
Iseult Medenzi 
Truthwitch - Susan Dennard 

Sensible woman looking for steadfast, vibrant man. Should be attractive, clever, and openminded.  Bloodwitches discouraged. Interested parties should contact Safiya von Haastrel for more information.  
The Lunar Chronicles - Marissa Meyer 

Handsome, debonair gentleman looking for woman.  Androids will be considered.  

five      Kaz Brekker 
Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo 

Man of skills and means looking for clever, resourceful woman.  Must have an adventurous side.  Dislike of touching preferred.  Please include list of weapons proficient in.  

Jacob Black 

Twilight - Stephanie Meyers

Athletic male looking for openminded female.  Must love dogs.  Age negotiable.  Personality optional.  

Red Rising - Pierce Brown 

Devilishly handsome man looking for slightly psychotic woman. Must love thrill seeking, fighting, and situations with a high probability of death. No bloodydamn elitists. Ability to keep secrets required. Hygiene flexible.  

eight    Khalid 
The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh 

Man of status looking for woman of marriageable age.  Must be interested in a short-term relationship.  
Mechanica - Betsy Cornwell 

Young female inventor looking for enterprising man.  Willingness to meet clandestinely a must.  Royalty optional.  
ten    The Darkling 
Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo 

Powerful man looking for woman with special abilities.  Thirst for power desired.  Previous attachments discouraged.  Must like jewelry.  


  1. Absolutely love this! Haven't laughed this hard at a blog post in a while! XD

    1. Aw, thanks! I was afraid it wasn't funny enough.

  2. Oh man these made me laugh^^ I'm only familiar with Dorian, Jacob, Thorne, Khalid and Iseult but man they were spot on! I love this post girl, thanks for the giggle :D

  3. I seriously LOL'd at Jacob's ad - spot on!!

  4. Haha I love these - but Jacob's 'age negotiable' was the best! :P

  5. Age negotiable. (me: OMG HAHAHAHA)
    Personality optional. (me: *dies of laughter*)

    1. Clearly I should just do an all-Twilight version. xD

  6. This is hilarious!!! I laughed out loud at the Twilight one!