Musings: An interview with myself, by myself

interview with the blogger

My brain has been a little bogged down lately, so I decided to join Beauty & The Bookshelf's awesome slump-busting challenge!  Today's prompt is an interview with one's self--an auto-interview, if you will.  If you're curious about the face behind Sarcasm & Lemons, read on... 

So what's that thing up there?  
It's me, sort of.  Besides occasionally writing blog stuff, I also occasionally paint things and then never finish them.  

Why don't you finish them? 
Because grad school takes over my entire life. 

Oh, grad school.  What are you doing that for?  

No, but really. 
Psychology.  Because I'm one of those weirdos who has 10 books on serial killers. 

Do you have a favorite serial killer? 
I'm not answering that. 

That's a yes. 
Shut up. 

So, why psychology?  
I like to get into people's heads.  There's a lot similar in being a psychologist and being a writer.  You have to know someone as well as they know themselves.  

You're a writer? 
No, I just pretend to be.  I have written things, so I guess I'm a writer in the non-published sense of the word. 

Why aren't you published? 
You gonna give me an offer? 

Touche.  Well then, what do you write?  
Fantasy, contemporary, all sorts of things--but especially fantasy.  With sarcasm.  And horses.  And people with mental health problems.  

What would you compare your books to? 
Probably Truthwitch by Susan Dennard or Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas or anything by Tamora Pierce.  Not that I'm claiming I'm anywhere near their level because they are all fantasy gods and I worship at their feet.  

So we already know all that.  What's something you haven't talked about a thousand times on your blog?  
Well, a maintenance person once compared my apartment to The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Specifically, he said, "This apartment looks like The Nightmare Before Christmas."  

That's kind of weird.  
I'm kind of weird.  

Like how? 
Well, I collect skull things and tarot cards and voodoo dolls and black roses and other things that most people think are creepy, and also my walls are covered in paintings and masks.  Oh, and I have a collection of dead roses.  It's less of a collection and more of a people-send-me-roses-and-I-keep-them-forever thing.  

Are you sure you're not a serial killer?  
Yes, but if I were I'd probably do something with paper cranes. 

I'm kidding. 

What else do you do when you're not scaring young children?  
Well, I play video games.  Like Call of Duty and Zelda and Skyrim (oh, so much Skyrim!).  And I'm a little overly obsessed with Minecraft.  

Quick, who's your favorite superhero?  

You're a Joker person, aren't you.  
You know me so well.   

Final question.  What's a random fact that you've never shared before?  
My ears are pierced in nine places but I'm too afraid of needles to get a tattoo.  Even though sometimes I kind of want one but then I worry that I'd change my mind and freak out that something was on my skin and have to get it removed. 

Alright.  Thank you for that ... interesting dialogue!  Cheers!  

There you have it.  Any other fun facts you want to know about me?  Now's the time to ask!  


  1. Hi CJ! Awesome interview, and the painting is beautiful! I collect skull things too, that's not a weird thing to do....
    Glad you're taking part in this event too!

    1. Aw thanks! YAY skull twins! I'd love to see your collection sometime. :)

      This is so much fun! Tomorrow I'm off so I'll have time to go around and read everyone's posts.

  2. Iʻm with ya on the tattoo thing! I love imagining what my tattoo would look like....I know exactly what I want and where I want it, but I probably wonʻt ever go through with it. Needles make me nervous. I mean, I can barely get through shots at the doctorʻs without crying!

  3. Can we be best friends? I love the way your blog looks and all of your answers and I have a lot of books on serial killers and NBC is my favorite ever. In fact, I just got a Jack tattoo last night. :D

    This interview was fantastic.

    1. YES! We should talk serial killers. Oooh Jack tattoo! That's awesome! Thank you!

  4. I have been imagining a potential future tattoo for a while too, but I feel scared of the needles too and for some reason I think that the moment I am inked, I start to think that I've made a mistake!
    I am really into serial killers as well - NOT IN A ROMANTIC SENSE, but like psychological/academic sense (I bet you get what I mean!).

    1. I'm glad that all the serial killer fans (you know, fans in the not-creepy sense) all came out for this post. <3 We're not alone! (I do. Violent behavior is my main area of research. I'm a psych grad student!)

  5. First off, I LOVE your blog. And also this interview. I love how you bantered back and forth with yourself, and oh my gosh, you PAINTED THAT?! I have to be honest though: I'm a slight bit disappointed you didn't post any pictures of your apartment. It looks like THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS? That is super freaking cool and I want to see what that looks like! Also, yes to the thing about tattoos! I want some SO BAD--I love the look of them and everything--but they're so permanent. What if I don't want them in ten years? What if the tattoo doesn't turn out perfect and it's stuck on me forever? Darn tattoos. And lastly: Throne of Glass, YES. And serial killers! (But not in a creepy way.) And going to school because you're a masochist!

    1. Thank you! :D Blushblushblush. Ha, this is basically what happens in my head on a daily basis. Yes, I did paint it! It's not done, but I'm pretty proud of it. It's my first self portrait since 8th grade. Next time I'll post apartment pictures. I'll have to take some when it's cleanish... And yeah, I have the same thoughts. What if I regret it and I'm stuck!? I'm not very impulsive.

      Hehe, school = masochism. So true.

  6. I'm kinda the same with the painting and never finishing? >.< Except for me, it's drawing haha - I have so many possibilities in my head for what the drawing could be, and I never finish because I never commit to one idea haha xD
    So cool that you write fantasy though - I find that fantasy is hard to write for me personally - just because I keep getting confused in my own writing xD
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    1. Same! I have so many ideas and then I don't have time, so either I do a drawing in like a day, or I do a sketchy draft and never finish.

      Thanks! I like fantasy because I can make shit up. <3