Who Wore it Better, Covers: Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun or The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

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Books have so many options when they dress for their big debut, but sometimes, they end up wearing very similar styles.  In the vein of all my favorite trashy Hollywood magazines... 

who wore it better?  

heir to the sky VS the accident season  

c.j.'s vote 

I can't remember who pointed out this comparison to me.  If it was you, please let me know!  Now, this was tough for me.  I absolutely adore The Accident Season (it's one of my top five books of last year and you should read it, read it now!) and I do like its cover, but I think as far as floaty sky girls go, Heir to the Sky gets my vote.  It's just cleaner.  The font is very crisp, the background is bright and high-contrast, and I love those white lines that tie everything together (whereas, in The Accident Season, there doesn't seem to be anything tying the whole picture together).  I do think Accident Season does a better job with layout, because you have some variation in width of objects whereas Heir is a more uniform and thus more boring, more circus flyer-like.  However, I think the color profile is a little less coherent in Accident.  That said, Accident does look great in real life as a hardcover, so the internet may not be its best outlet.  Moral of the story:  color coordinate, people!

the winner:  heir to the sky

Which cover wins?  Are there similar covers you think did it better?  

Who wore it better?

Heir to the Sky
The Accident Season
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  1. I haven't read either book, but I like that in The Accident Season the world is turned upside down as well as having the girl falling.

  2. I do really like that aspect. It's a very different idea, the world being upside-down versus floating in an empty sky.

  3. Haha this is such a fun post! I actually think Accident Season wore it better because when you fall out of the sky, it's best to be facing in the direction you're falling. The girl in that cover looks like she knows what she's doing, and she's staying calm and collected while the girl on the cover of Heir to the Sky looks like she's flailing and freaking out. ;)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favorite new features. Hahaha I love your analysis, that's awesome! And funny because I feel like the Accident characters do a lot of freaking out, but maybe they're more "grounded." (Pun intended.) This pair was a tough choice for me.

  4. OMG THAT'S THE SAME MODEL. ISN'T IT!?? AGH. I hate it when that happens. I feel like cover designers could do a bit better with trying to make sure they make their covers original?!? Ahem. but anyway, I actually like the Accident Season better. Although I'm not sure if that's just because I LOVE AND ADORE THE BOOK so much and haven't read the other one. XD But the colours!! <3

    1. Yeah, I think it is. Meeeeh. At least this one isn't as obvious as some others, because they manipulated the color and lighting so much. But yeah, I do LOVE The Accident Season. Maybe I'd prefer the cover in person.

  5. I think I talked about them in a comment of Who Wore It Better a while ago. XD
    I like The Accident Season better though, perhaps it's because of the font--it has an old school kind of feeling. (But I also love those white lined on Heir to the Sky.... Ugh, so hard to choose!)

  6. Oooh, this is way too much fun. I have {but haven't read} The Accident Season and now that you said it was one of your favorites from last year, I may need to bump it up on the TBR list.

    I really like The Accident Season's cover. I like that the entire cover is upside down. Heir to the Sky is pretty, but Accident draws my eye more than the other one.

  7. I voted for The Accident Season, but my fiancé likes Heir to the Sky better.