Top Ten Tuesday: Ten bookish things almost as good as books themselves

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Bookish Jewelry 

I'm a sucker for book-related wearables of the shiny kind.  Partially because shiny, and partially because it's like a little secret that you share with the other bookwyrms who look at your subtle little earrings and nod.  Because, them too.


The internet makes talking to authors easy, but the best part is actually getting to meet them.  I've had such an amazing time geeking out with authors and making friends with other fans.  

Book Expo America 

It's like Disney World for readers.  Booths and booths full of books and bookish swag and publicists willing to geek out about books.  And panels!  And best of all, other readers and bloggers!  Seeing famous blog faces (and hanging out with them!) is half the fun.  Oh, and ARCs.  That's pretty cool too. 

Authorly Swag 

Another perk of the internet is that authors are way more in touch with their fans, and do fun promotional things like sending out character cards (V.E. Schwab) or maps (Susan Dennard) or hand-penned calligraphy (Jodi Meadows) or even fascinators (Stacey Lee).  Lovely things that I'll cherish for always.  

Twitter Chats 

Whether it's big like #ClanChat (from the Witchlanders) or small like #2016HPReread or growing like #SundayStreetTeam, chats are a great place to talk about the books you love with other people who love them.  And to make thousands of puns, of course. 

Special Editions 

While I hate when books get new covers in the middle of series, I love when they get new covers later on, as a special release.  See Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, even The Book Thief.  It's candy for the hoarder collector in me.  
Old Book Smell 

God, could it possibly get better?  That musty, papery scent is the most comforting smell since fresh laundry.  It does make me sneeze, but it's so very worth it.  (This one is delightful. Buy it from!) 
Movie Adaptations 

Maybe this is controversial, but I love seeing my favorite books getting made into movies.  Sometimes it's horrifically disappointing (c.f. the Ella Enchanted disaster) but other times it's as thrilling and emotional as the books, and just as memorable (Harry Potter, duh).   

Author Notes and Acknowledgements 

Does anyone else read these religiously?  I love the inside jokes, the behind-the-scenes information, the list of author buddies and beloved pets.  The notes are the best too, because it's like getting EXTRA BOOK with your book.  Plus, often recommendations for further reading (Marie Rutkowski is great at this).   

Maps and Illustrations 

Whether it's fantasy or historical, or even contemporary doodles, the art really brings the world to life for me.  The maps especially.  I wish I could have prints of all my favorite bookworld maps (Lord of the Rings, Truthwitch, Shadow and Bone, The Girl From Everywhere, Narnia) to hang on my walls.  This should be a thing.   


  1. Movie adaptations made my list too. Even when they're bad, I love seeing them brought to life. Interesting that you mentioned author signings. I actually had a ticket to see Felicia Day last night, and when I found out she wouldn't be speaking, just signing, I decided to skip it. I'll pick up my signed book another time. I don't like the awkward moment of meeting an author. It's just too superficial. I want to be friends with authors, not just have a weird fan moment. :)

  2. YAY for bookish jewelry, book signings BEA, special editions, movie/television adaptations and MAPS ♥ I wish all books had maps because it makes me swoon. I remember a few friends discussion how books with maps scared them and I was like WHA??! How dare you?! I love all of these^^ awesome list!

  3. I totally read author's notes and acknowledgements!