Who Wore It Better, Covers: I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios vs Kissing in America by Margo Rabb

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Books have so many options when they dress for their big debut, but sometimes, they end up wearing very similar styles.  In the vein of all my favorite trashy Hollywood magazines... 

who wore it better?  

i'll meet you there vs kissing in america  

c.j.'s vote 

Both books deal with tough stuff and kissing, and both decided to don a staple of Americana:  the old-school roadside Vegas-style light-up motel sign.  IMYT lays over a sunset/sunrise background that fades to blue; KIA takes a darker, faded out-West photo.  Both accessorized with arrows, but IMYT goes with a faded primary color scheme, while KIA jazzes it up with punchy pink and cyan.

It's a tough call, but I'm going with KIA on this one.  The sharp angles and huge presence of KIA's signage scream "Look at me!" and the blurb at the top is a cute touch.  It feels in-your-face.  There's movement.  IMYT is just a little too lackadaisical with all the signs on a horizontal plane, static, and leaving tons of sky-filled dead space.  If I were walking in a store, I'd pick up KIA first.  

the winner:  kissing in america

Which cover wins?  Are there similar covers you think did it better?  

Who wore it better?

I'll Meet You There
Kissing in America
Quiz Maker


  1. I like this! I shared these two covers (along with The Chapel Wars) last year in a feature. I think I agree about liking the KIA a bit better. I like how the signs are at an angle rather than just being horizontal on the cover like you said.

    1. Ooh, cool! I'd love to check that out. I agree, the angle makes it a little more dynamic.

  2. I actually thought these were the same book. When whichever came second came out, I thought people were reviewing the book I'd already seen before. They are VERY similar. I think I like I'll Meet You There better because the title is easier to read. Kissing in America is a little cluttered and overwhelming to my eyes.

    1. Right? It's amazing how similar the covers are. I can see your point there. I think you liked IMYT better for the same reasons I didn't like it as much. This is why I love this feature; it's cool to see how everyone reacts!

  3. I agree re: cover although I've heard nothing but amazing things about I'll Meet You There and quite the opposite re: Kissing in America.

    1. Oh, IMYT is a great book. I haven't actually read KIA. This is purely cover-based!

  4. So, I feel like KIA is PROBABLY better... but my love for IMYT is clouding my ability to remain unbiased. I DO know that I like the sky better in IMYT, and the "pool" sign. But I like the neon-ness and the way KIA feels like an actual billboard. So... as usual, I suck at decisions, BUT I did vote for IMYT. :D

  5. The winner for me is Kissing in America. The color is just much more vibrant and eyecatching, it looks like a fun summer read filled with travelling and of course, kissing!❤

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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