Top Ten Tuesday: A handful of second half 2016 releases that I'm super crazy excited for

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Why is this year so full of awesome?    

c.j.'s selections                         ten ten ten

Heartless - Marissa Meyer 

Alice in Wonderland in any form is my longtime love and obsession.  After Meyer kicked ass with her innovative, magical Lunar Chronicles retellings, I have no doubt she'll bring the Red Queen to startling life.  

Crooked Kingdom - Leigh Bardugo 

I'm still pouting after learning that it's only going to be a duology, but that doesn't lessen my excitement for the return of Kaz (aka the king of badassery) and his merry thieves.  

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - JK Rowling

Let's be real.  NEW HARRY POTTER.  Even if it's awful I'll still squee like a 14-year-old fangirl.  

Gemina - Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff 

After Illuminae ripped out my heart and made all my sarcasm senses tingle, I have ZERO regrets about waiting in line 2.5 hours for an ARC of Gemina.  It's going to own.  

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire - Rosamund Hodge 

Even though her sophomore novel Crimson Bound fell flat for me, Cruel Beauty is still one of my favorite fantasy novels of the last five years.  If she can capture half of its beauty with her R&J retelling, it'll dazzle.  

Three Dark Crowns - Kendare Blake 

I mean, Kendare Blake.  Three magical sisters battling it out.  Give me all of this.  

Nevernight - Jay Kristoff 

Speaking of ARCs I would kill for.  He had me at "city built of the bones of a dead god."  Swoon.  

The Reader - Traci Chee 

I'm so freaking excited for this awesome and totally underhyped book about a land without books!  
Caraval - Stephanie Garber 

A fantasy world mixed with a giant deadly magical game is pretty much the coolest thing ever, plus the cover is sooooo pretty.  
Into White - Randi Pink 

A black girl in a mostly white school wishes desperately that she could just be white, fit in.  But getting her wish isn't anything like she expects.  SUCH a cool and edgy premise.  


  1. Yes! Harry Potter, Caraval, Gemina - so many exciting ones coming out this year!! I can't wait!

  2. Yesss Nevernight is amazing and so worth the hype. I cannot wait for Crooked Kingdoms, I NEED to know what happens to my babies! And I can't believe Cursed Child spoilers are already floating around on the Internet, I am praying I don't come across any.

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

  3. HP and Heartless - yes! Into White almost made my list, but I ran out of room. That book sounds really interesting. Great list!

  4. YES to Heartless, Gemina, Nevernight, Reader and Three Dark Crowns! HP was a given for me of course, along with Gemina which both made my list this week :D

  5. YES TO ALL OF THESE. Heartless, Gemina and Three Dark Crows are three of my most anticipated books too CJ. Hopefully they end up being as amazing as they sound! :)

  6. Great list! I LOVED Gemina, Three Dark Crowns, and The Reader.

  7. Into White sounds so interesting and love the cover!

  8. So many amazing books! I haven't heard about Into White, but it sounds really interesting!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress