Musing: I couldn't be more disgusted with my country #BlackLivesMatter

I can't do a regular post today. I'm too angry, too horrified and frustrated. My feelings are of no importance compared to black Americans who have to somehow live knowing that, in the eyes of the American justice system, their lives mean nothing.  Today, listen to them. Listen to their pain. Listen to their demands for justice and amplify their voices.

Today, remember.

Remember these people, just a handful of over 500.  Remember that they were black, unarmed, murdered by police officers.  Most shot multiple times.  Most of the officers were never charged.

Their crimes:

Michael Brown. Walking in the street.
Eric Garner. Selling cigarettes.
Tamir Rice. Playing with a toy gun.
John Crawford. Holding a BB gun he was thinking of buying at Walmart.
Dontre Hamilton. Having a schizophrenic episode.
Natasha McKenna. Having a schizophrenic episode.
Deontre Dorsey. Having a seizure after being in a car accident.
Askari Roberts. Having a paranoid episode.
Dominick Wise. Walking in the street.
Phillip White. Screaming.
Walter Scott. Routine traffic stop.
Rumain Brisbon. Holding a pill bottle.
Akai Gurley. Walking in the stairwell of his apartment complex.
Frank Shephard. Traffic stop for undescribed "suspicious activity."
Freddie Gray. Making eye contact with a police officer, and running.
David Felix. Having a schizophrenic episode.
Spencer McCain. Having an argument inside his apartment.
Jonathan Sanders. Trying to calm the horses pulling his buggy.
Sandra Bland. Routine traffic stop.
Darrius Stewart. Stopped for a broken taillight.
Samuel DuBose. Routine traffic stop.
Felix Kumi. Happening to be standing around during a police sting targeting other people.
Laquan McDonald. Damaging cars.
Alton Sterling. Selling CDs outside his friend's store.
Philando Castile. Stopped for a broken taillight.

Remember. Be angry. Be loud.

If our leaders won't fight for change, then we have to demand it from them.

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  1. I haven't really looked at the cases that happened recently. I'm not even from America and this bothers me deeply. I just don't understand why these officers think it's okay just to shoot people. Even a man with a license to carry a concealed firearm? For goodness sakes!