Cover Love: The Blazing Star by Imani Josey

cover love 

You probably saw it on Twitter yesterday, or maybe you didn't, or maybe you just want to ogle it again.  OGLE AWAY.  This cover is pure gorgeousness, classic and SPARKLY with a beautiful self-assured black model (no whitewashing or silhouettes or other nonsense, THANK YOU), and Egyptian death masks, and sparkles, and loopy text art.  And you can guarantee it'll look even better in person with some shimmery paper.  Plus, the book itself sounds amazing.  It's about a girl who's always felt overshadowed by her sister, until a scarab artifact lands her--and her sister--in (wait for it) ANCIENT EGYPT.  Yeah, I'm 1000% sold.  Go add this to your GR and get ready for it in December.  *searches for the preorder button* 

And glitter. Did I mention that?

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