Musing: I can't write about books right now

I'm trying to be empathic. I'm trying to understand. But I'm seeing stories, friends. Things that have happened today. A Trump supporter pulled a knife on a Muslim college student. A Muslim bodega owner was held down by several men while another spray-painted "Terrorist" across his body. An Indian child asked if she could bleach her skin and become white. A Latinx teenager was told by her classmates, "Shouldn't you sit at the back of the bus now?" A woman in South Philly found "Trump Rules" and "Black bitch" spray painted across her car. A clerk was told by a customer, "Leave the country before you get killed. We don't gotta deal with no f*ggots anymore." A softball dugout in New York was spray painted with a swastika and the words "Make America white again." Nazi flags are going up over homes. And the responses these stories are getting from some people? "I can't wait to deport you all." "Liberals make up hate crimes." "Lmao."

I'm trying to be empathic. I'm trying to understand. But it's been less than 24 hours since the election was called and all I am is scared. I'm a white, able-bodied, heterosexual cis girl who doesn't subscribe to a particular religion. I have armor. But there are millions of people watching these stories crop up, wondering when they're going to be next. Wondering when it's going to get worse.

I'm running thin on empathy. Less than 24 hours and all I understand is that millions of people in this country were willing to vote FOR hate or DESPITE it.

And I'm afraid.

If you're scared, if you need to talk, I'm here for you. Email me. DM me. I am here for you. I care about you. You MATTER to me. 



  1. I'm currently a student teacher, and I have to say that the day immediately following the election was one of the more difficult days of my student teaching experience. And it wasn't for the typical reasons. I thought the election process itself was emotionally draining this year, but this is something else entirely.

  2. I'm right there with you! My heart goes out to those who are scared or hurting or who have had things yelled at them or been attacked. I'm sick of the people coming up explaining why they don't deserve to get yelled at because they voted for tr*ump. I'm just over it. I agree as well. If anyone needs someone to talk to I am here as well!

  3. So with you! It boggles the mind that so many people voted for this. I keep seeing tweets like, "He won get over it." No fuck off. I will never be okay with it and what's happening as a result of it. It's made me sad and scared for my friends and people around the country.

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  5. Aw CJ, I love you ♥♥ I agree with you on all of this, every single bit. I wish I had answers, knew what to say. Every day it seems to be getting more hateful, more divisive, and I am so scared too. I am always here for you too- any time, please never hesitate.

  6. Thank you for posting. I echo and share everything you are thinking and feeling. We cannot be silent and we cannot be complacent.

  7. I'm Canadian but we've always been deeply ingrained in American Politics. I can tell you that I was upset before the election because it was too close for comfort. I held out hope that it would go well but when I woke up the morning after the election, I was blown away. I wasn't ok and honestly, I'm still not. I can't believe that after electing Obama 8 years prior, the world has gone so incredibly backwards. I'm sending love to all my American friends ♥ If I were American, I would have protested with the crowds!!