Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books that recently joined the indomitable TBR pile

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Get ready to time travel.    

c.j.'s selections                         ten ten ten

Allegedly - Tiffany D. Jackson 

Girl is complicit in her mother's killing of a baby in her care.  Allegedly.  So many authors I love have raved about this, including Kathleen Glasgow, author of Girl in Pieces. 

Heartstone - Elle Katherine White 

Jane Austen meets dragon fantasy world.  You sold yet? 
Dark Breaks the Dawn - Sara B. Larson 

A battle between light and dark magic depends on a crown princess and her newfound power to shapeshift.  It seems relatively standard fantasy, but I'm always up for some magic.    

Shimmer And Burn - Mary Taranta 

A magical girl's sister is sold into slavery.  A power-hungry princess wants her father's throne.  A traveling magician is their guide into a frightening land where magic can be stolen.  The blurb is complicated; I'm hoping for something twisty and brutal.  

The Last Magician - Lisa Maxwell 

A magical barrier traps people on the island of New York.  A thief of time can save them if she finds a secret book--but she'll have to get past the magical gangs first.  I mean, come on. 

American Street - Ibi Zoboi 

Fabiola's mother is detained on the trip from Haiti, leaving Fabiola with her unknown cousins in the strange, new land of Detroit.  Can't beat comparisons to Everything, Everything. 
Dear Martin - Nic Stone 

Justyce is a debate whiz and prep school hero, but all that crumbles when he and his friend run the wrong side of a white cop.  With all the crap going down with American police shooting unarmed black men, this book is so very needed. 
Dreamland Burning - Jennifer Latham 

Rowan finds a skeleton on her family's property.   A century earlier, Will is embroiled in the turmoil of Tulsa's race riots.  Dual perspectives, super relevant history, gimme.   
Empress of a Thousand Skies - Rhoda Belleza 

An empress and a refugee-turned-reality-TV-star combine forces to save the galaxy from a dangerous madman.  Yes, please.   
The Book Jumper - Mechthild Glaser 

Amy can jump into books and live in their worlds.  When she finds out that people are stealing from the books, she and a fellow bookjumper are on the case.  I mean, book nerd's dream or what? 

Your turn!  What historicals do you love?
Making this list reminds me that I don't really know historical YA set outside of the West.  More knowledgeable readers, please help?

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  1. YES! The Book Jumper made my list too - it sounds amazing honestly and who can pass up a book about a magical book?! ♥