Who Wore It Better, Covers: The Sun is Also a Star vs The Problem With Forever

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Books have so many options when they dress for their big debut, but sometimes, they end up wearing very similar styles.  In the vein of all my favorite trashy Hollywood magazines... 

who wore it better?  

the sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon VS the problem with forever by Jennifer Armentrout

c.j.'s vote 

I haven't done one of these in ages, but hopefully you love these posts, because I love them.  Today's covers aren't total doppelgangers, but they could definitely be variations on the same theme...that theme being rainbow explosions over white backgrounds.  Both covers went with vibrant primary colors (plus a splash of orange and purple, but clearly they were both green-shy).  Both accessorized their ensembles with bold white block text for an artsy stenciled look.  But The Sun is Also a Star got out their old Spirograph (points if you know what this is) for an edgy, chaotic string-art look (I'm pretty sure that actually IS ditigal string art), while The Problem With Forever capitalized on the watercolor and hand-lettering trend for a softer feel.

While I'm much more interested in reading The Sun is Also a Star, I have to give my vote this time to The Problem With Forever.  The big splash of blue adds some needed contrast to the sunset colors, and the clean text is easier on the eyes than the jagged edges of Sun, which for some reason kind of make me squint.

the winner:  the problem with forever 

Which cover wins?  Are there similar covers you think did it better?  

Who wore it better?

The Sun is Also a Star
The Problem With Forever


  1. I really like both of the covers, but Sun wins it for me in the end. I love the art on the cover, and how the font ties into the art. Also the author name is perfect. It is somehow simple and a little complex at the same time. Problem is a really pretty cover too. I think what lost it for me is the font treatment. It feels really busy. But I have to say, I have read Sun and it was such a beautiful story. That may sway me just a tiny bit, too! By the way, I love this post! Bring 'em on! Sorry for the lengthy comment...

    1. Lengthy comments are great! The author name on Sun is pretty great, I like how it fits in so seamlessly. I do think simpler lines on "Forever" would have looked better. It was just a hard choice! I still haven't read Sun (fail) but it's on my shelf calling to me. Yay, I'm glad you like it! There shall be more in future. It's getting harder to find similar covers. If you ever find any, let me know and I'll credit you. :D

  2. Problem is the winner for me. Sun just is too stabby for my eyes.

    1. Yeah, I had the same problem. I like the softer look.

  3. What a fun post! I actually love both book covers. I ended up choosing The Sun is Also a Star. It is the cover that drew my eye first. :)

  4. I LOVE this meme! I think it's so interesting. I honestly don't think I could choose between the two! They're both such lovely covers.