Book Fun: Analyzing my Goodreads Year in Books, 2016 edition

year in books

Can you believe this year was over?  
Another post will be dedicated to analyzing it more fully, 
but I was looking at my Goodreads year in books thing and
thought I would share my thoughts with you. 
Post your years in books in the comments!
(And yes, I omitted my final total because it was only 66 
which is super sad. I blame my dissertation. 
Also it didn't fit on one screencap.) 


  1. Congrats on reading and reviewing. Very important for authors. :)

  2. I love that you can even inject sarcasm into your Goodreads Year in Books. If it makes you feel any better, my average rating was high too. I almost always round up on Goodreads (I REALLY wish they'd add half stars), but still ... oh well, I'm over it.

    Here's my 2016 Wrap-Up (which also has a link to my Goodreads Year in books at the end).

    1. Haha, thank you. It's my special talent. ;) I round up too, maybe that's it. I also realized there were like 10 books I hadn't rated at all so it came down a little.

  3. I loved your commentary. I just read Wink Poppy Midnight the other day, and it was odd, but I loved the writing so much. My average was about the same as yours (4.1 stars), but I attribute it to being picky with what I read (and I tend to round up as well)

    1. Aw, thanks! Tucholke's writing is so good. I jut haven't connected super hard with her stories. I think I've definitely gotten pickier too. I used to force my way through bad books but now I just move on.

  4. 1Q84 is a great book, I'm going to read the final one very soon :D

  5. I love this! I forgot to look at mine for some crazy weird reason. It makes me smile that you annotated it. :)


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