Book Fun: The Birthday Edition, C.J.'s first book

c.j.'s first book 

In honor of the fact that I was born...a number of years ago today, I wanted to share with you all something very special.  Be Nice to Spiders.  The first book I remember reading.  My neighbors, who babysat me, used to read me this book when I was just a baby.  By the time I hit age 3 or so, I was reading it on my own.  It's about a little boy who takes on a campaign to save the spiders at the zoo from being killed, by showing everyone all the awesome things spiders can do!  

Irony: I am deathly afraid of spiders.  I attribute this mostly to evolutionary psychology and 5-year-old C.J. watching Arachnophobia.  No picture book could have prepared me for that.   

Honorable mention:  

So, my first book is actually a close tie with Arthur Goes to School, but the involved parties can't be quite sure.  I have pretty clear memories of reading both and no one has yet established a satisfactory timeline, so Be Nice to Spiders wins.  But I definitely loved reading this book, especially when mom and I had quiet reading time.  It's one of those interactive books and I freaking loved opening all the flaps.  Probably obsessively.  

* Fun fact: I scheduled this post at the time I was born (CST). 

what was your first book? 


  1. Oh, wow! The fact that you can remember a book from when you were three---that's incredibly impressive. I remember a few books from grade school, but nothing from back that far. Happy birthday!!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Probably because I read it so many times. xD I was a perseverative little bugger. Thank you!!!