Cover Love: I Believe In a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo

cover love 

I usually feature really striking dark covers or fancy fantasy covers, but I just think this is the cutest--and also really fantastic from a design standpoint.  The black and white is classy but the pop of color and doodled-look adds some fun without being overly cutesy.  It's the perfect combo for a serious-but-precious heroine prepping for her Stanford career with a K-Drama-derived flirtation plan.  Which sounds amazing, by the way.  I also love that there's the suggestion of the boy, so you get the idea of a romance, but this beautiful Korean teen girl takes center stage--confident, happy, totally in control.  More covers like this, yeah?  And if anyone wants to lend me their ARC... 

Also the song by The Darkness is now stuck in my head. Again. 



  1. This cover screams "adorable romance" to me, and as the mom of a half Asian child, I love seeing a POC on the cover.
    Sam @ WLABB