Top Ten Tuesday: Ten (ish) books I read in one sitting, sometimes with disastrous consequences

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I wanted to do "ten books about short people," but that required too much thinking.      

c.j.'s selections                         ten ten ten

All the Bright Places - Jennifer Niven 

Not only did I read this one in a night, but I stayed up even later painting a...well, painting based on it. I just love it so freaking much. 

Fear the Drowning Deep - Sarah Glenn Marsh 

The concept was cool but the execution didn't work for me at all, but I needed to read it for a tour. So I stayed up past my bedtime to read it and was super angry at it for being so not good and making me read it. 
All the Truth That's In Me - xxxxx Berry 

This was also a tour book, but I really liked it. It was a creepy culty village concept about a girl finding her voice to take down a skeazy rapist. It was pretty good. 

Defy the Stars - Claudia Gray 

This literally just happened. I had a day off and it was so good, I almost didn't actually want to go get dinner with my friend because that meant stopping. It was okay though. I finished it after. Except then it was over. Sadface. Sequel please?  

Letters to the Lost - Brigid Kemmerer 

This was another day off read gone horribly right. I'm ridiculously in love with Declan and Rev and Juliet and this shredded me into pieces. Like, nearly All the Bright Places shaped pieces. I literally preordered it the second I finished. 

Caraval - Stephanie Garber 

I was having a bad week and waiting for my family to come for Thanksgiving. I spent the whole night by myself reading, and it brought me back. Now I own four copies...and counting. Wait. Five. And still counting.  
After the Red Rain - Barry Lyga, Carlisle Cullen, Robert DiFranco 

Speaking of hate-reading. It. Was. SO. Bad. Like interminably bad. I'm sure Lyga has written other things that aren't bad but this just made no sense and OH RIGHT ALMOST NONE OF IT WAS ABOUT THE RED RAIN. But I read it in the car. Because it was from NG. And I was trapped for several hours.  

Your turn!  What books did you breeze through in one go? 


  1. Your list is AWESOME!!! ATBP, sigh, all I have to do is see the title and I start to *sniffle*. Rev is an amazing character. He totally won my heart in Letters to the Lost. Ha! I caved and read Caraval in November too. I kept seeing so many rave reviews, I couldn't wait any longer to read it. And, yeah! I love seeing a Julie Berry book on your list. I read Dolssa first, and then this one. She has made me sort of like historicals.
    Sam @ WLABB

    1. Thanks! Lol I know, right? The movie is going to wreck me. I can't wait for the Rev book! I did the same with Caraval, couldn't wait any longer. I've never read another Julie berry but I might have to. She's really good.