Cover Love: Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann

cover love 

Can we talk about this gorgeousness? This cover won out of four choices in a reader-driven poll. The people have spoken--and the people want black women looking happy and fierce. Everything about this cover is vibrant and alive, from the model's carefree smile and natural hair to the neon purple title text finger-painted on in energetic strokes. This is a cover that draws the eye and makes you want to giggle. Yes, GIGGLE, I said it! It's also about a black asexual woman written, from what I've heard, by a black asexual woman. Reviews have been divided on the ace rep, but they're only based on the online free version, so we'll have to wait until the ARCs come out to see the consensus. I'm excited for some fluffy swoons! (YES, sometimes  I like fluffy things OKAY!?) 


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