Who Wore it Better, Covers: Queens of Geek vs The Animal Under the Fur

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Books have so many options when they dress for their big debut, but sometimes, they end up wearing very similar styles.  In the vein of all my favorite trashy Hollywood magazines... 

who wore it better?  

the animal under the fur by E.J. Mellow VS queens of geek by Jen Wilde 

c.j.'s vote 

It's bizarre how similar these two covers are. Both decided to go to their big day with a colorful faux-fur ensemble and chunky white text half-hidden behind strands, but TAUTF went with a short style (like that fur hat you made your parents buy you at the state fair in 1997) and fire-engine red locks, while Queens of Geek went with long anime-pink tresses and a little pop of yellow. I actually don't love the yellow, but it's so hard to choose because they're so freaking similar!  I think I have to go with TAUTF just because it's such a clever play on the title, whereas Queens of Geek is a very subtle nod to con-culture but the hair isn't really in-hair-ent (get it?) in the name. Plus TAUTF kind of makes me want to pet it.  I want to read Queens of Geek more, but TAUTF wins the fashion contest.

(Thanks to @capesandcovers and @guyliners on twitter for cluing me in to this similarity!)

the winner:  the animal under the fur 

Which cover wins?  Are there similar covers you think did it better?  

Who wore it better?

The Animal Under the Fur
Queens of Geek
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  1. Ah, alas, again we disagree, my dear. See- I wanted to like TAUTF for the same reason- the word play makes so much SENSE. But the colors on QoG spoke to me on a spiritual level. The pink is so PRETTY, and I like the way the yellow works with it. Plus, I kind of wish I had the guts for pretty pink hair ;) Also, I think the title in QoG is easier to read. But I like them both- it's actually unfortunate that they both had the same idea, I mean, not for us, but for them haha

    1. Haha someday we'll agree! I do really love the pink (although not the yellow as much, I kind of hate yellow). They're just so similar though!!!