Book Fun: Water down a book title #2

book fun

water down a book cover

I always see those hashtags about changing movie titles on Twitter, and it had me thinking about young adult book titles and how to make them just a little less interesting. Seriously, this post has no point other than to amuse me--and hopefully you. If it goes over well, I'll do more, because clearly I just crack myself up. 

Also it's an excuse to post about books I love/ will love. 

this somewhat beastly thing  

this monstrous thing

maybe your sidekick  

not your sidekick

one of us is fibbing 

one of us is lying 

11 hours 

27 hours 

tree of a hundred lanterns 

forest of a thousand lanterns

that probable victorian thing  

that inevitable victorian thing

now i get up 

now i rise

still life with high winds 

still life with tornadoes

small attractive stuff

tiny pretty things

like a river pretty great

like a river glorious


* important to note this book has some problematic content related to maori culture

Now it's your turn! Water down a book title and post your version in the comments. 


  1. Bwhahaha CJ you make me chuckle!
    Wicked Like a Wildfire- Kinda Mean like a Brush Fire
    Catching Fire- Minor Smoke Inhalation
    Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies- Pebbles Tumble, a Few People have Scrapes

    Tee hee. I like this game! Do more of these because I like to play too!

    1. Hahaha yay! Omg Minor Smoke Inhalation is the best and should be an indie band name.

  2. Hahahah what. I don't understand the hashtag, I mean I kind of get it? I did laugh out loud at "now I get up". That's too funny.

    1. Lol I dunno I always see this things on twitter. "Make a movie dirty." "Water down a movie title."