Book Fun: Water down a book title

book fun

water down a book cover

I always see those hashtags about changing movie titles on Twitter, and it had me thinking about young adult book titles and how to make them just a little less interesting. Seriously, this post has no point other than to amuse me--and hopefully you. If it goes over well, I'll do more, because clearly I just crack myself up. 

...I might be turning into my father. 

moderately unusual the dreamer 

strange the dreamer

wound all happies 

kill all happies

letters to the misplaced 

letters to the lost

empress of ten skies 

empress of a thousand skies

disobey the stars 

defy the stars



a shadow alight and slightly warm 

a shadow bright and burning

and i dim 

and i darken

the dream shoplifters 

the dream thieves

when we ran into each other 

when we collided

this pouting light 

this raging light

Now it's your turn! Water down a book title and post your version in the comments. 

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