Announcement: Sarcasm & Lemons welcomes co-blogger Whitley Birks!



Sarcasm & Lemons has been a solo project for a long time. 

Like since May 2010 long. 

I was still in college then (!!!). I didn't know what ARCs were. I'd never heard of BEA or Susan Dennard. I thought books sprang fully formed from the heads of their creators (okay, that one's a lie). 

But the truth: back then, I'd never have dreamed of S&L being where it is today. So many wonderful followers and friends. So many memories. I've been to BEA four times now, and a few dozen signings. I get comments on my posts (I know I'm woefully behind on replies, but I read every single one!). I get invited to blog tours. I get mailings from publishers (which is still the actual coolest thing that's ever happened to me). My name is in the back of Truthwitch with the mighty Witchlanders (I was the very first Witchlander! Void forever). My real name is in Venturess by Betsy Cornwell (you'll just have to guess!). More importantly, I've made friends through blogging, friends I've shared hotels with, gotten lost on trains with, danced on balconies in the snow with. 

And after seven years of blogging, I'm so thrilled to welcome one of those friends onto the Sarcasm & Lemons team! Some of you may know her already, and I hope you will all welcome her warmly. 

meet whitley

I'm Whitley, avid SFF trash and long-term book hoarder. In my long and storied career as a Jill-of-all-Trades I've hidden books inside: a library's conveyer belt, a law school stairwell, multiple armored cars, a top secret vault, the roof of a factory, and Disneyland. I don't like being caught without a book to read, is what I'm saying.

I've had multiple jobs, vaguely alluded to above, and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Which is part of why I love YA stories so much; give me discovery and self-determination over all other options any day. I do so love sticking to sci-fi/fantasy, but I'll slide over into other genres and age groups when the mood strikes me, though mostly I can be found moonlighting in historical romance. I'm duke trash and not even a little bit ashamed.

A few random facts about me:

·         My dog is more famous than me AND RIGHTLY SO.
·         My hobbies include getting distracted by shiny things and staring at the ceiling, but if I could focus at all I'd be really into photography, camping, travel, and crafting. (And books, obvs)
·         I am also Disney trash, and a little bit ashamed. But hey, that's capitalism for you. Making your faves problematic since the 16th century.
·         I write. Don't ask me how it's going; the answer is always poorly.
·         CJ is my queen.

But alright, so excited to be here and start digging in!

the future

C.J. here! We're still working out logistics, but get prepared for new features as well as reviews from both of us! Oh, and some updates to those pesky static pages I've been ignoring. 

From now on, expect to see posts marked with C.J.: or Whitley: if only one of us wrote them, as well as some awesome tag team posts that will be marked with the usual tags. 

Welcome to the new era of Sarcasm & Lemons! 

Think of Year 8 as like Cursed Child. But way freaking better. 

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