Top Ten Tuesday: Ten spring releases we really, really meant to get to but which are still languishing on the TBR

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Just catching up while TTT is on hiatus!          

c.j.'s selections                         ten ten ten

Saints and Misfits - S.K. Ali 

I know, I know. I'm seriously a bad person. This amazing contemporary about a young Muslim woman with a passion for photography sounds so fierce and amazing and I let ARCs pry me away from it. 


Eliza and Her Monsters - Francesca Zappia 

Speaking of books that were eaten by ARCs... I still haven't read Zappia's first, so now I need to read that and this awesome geeky web comic gem that promises to be basically my teenage years but without the fame or romance. 
The Library of Fates - Aditi Khorana

My amazing friend lent this to me and I'm terrible and didn't read it yet. But I 1000% am going to because give me all the fantasy in diverse worlds! 

The Upside of Unrequited - Becky Albertalli 

Yeah, so just send me all the shocked faces now. I KNOW. I HAD A ROUGH SPRING. Maybe I'lll read it in anticipation of the Simon movie because that sort of makes sense not really whatever don't @ me. 

Serpentine - Cindy Pon 

This didn't come out this spring, but I'd planned to breeze through it during the early months. Remember what I said about non-Western fantasy? Someday, when I'm no longer being crushed under the weight of 1000 ARCs, I will laugh with devilish glee and race through this duology.  

whitley's selections                         ten ten ten

A Crown of Wishes - Roshani Chokshi 

I was thrilled to get a copy of Star-Touched Queen last year and absolutely feel in love with the writing, but thought the plot lacked. So a even more me-perfect plot matched with that gorgeous prose? Sign me up! Sign me up for several months of shelf-sitting, apparently. Still have no idea what knocked this off my radar.

Shadow Run - Adrianne Strickland & Michael Miller
I've had an ARC of this for so long that, to write this post, I went back and re-read the summary to try and remember why I requested it in the first place. Oh, right, space captains and runaway royalty! 
Royce Rolls - Margaret Stohl

It sounds like a hilarious spoof on 'reality' TV, and I'm all for that. The names ALONE make me want to read this book. Rolling with the Royces? Bentley? Yessss.

The Takedown - Corrie Wang

I love near-future sci-fi, and this seems like a plot that could be handling some pretty relevant issues. I'm interested to see how it handles the topic of internet harassment and privacy, plus I love books where quasi-mean girls get to be the protagonist!

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre - Gail Carson Levine

When I saw there was going to be another Bamarre book, I HAD to have it, if for no other reason but nostalgia. At least I know what knocked this one off my radar; I wanted to reread Two Princesses first and, well, too many steps, oh look something shiny.

Your turn!  What spring releases are still in TBR dungeon?  

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  1. Simon movie!?!? How did I miss that news? Eek! So fun.