Cover Love: C.J.: The Wicker King by K. Ancrum

cover love 

First of all, go read the description for this book because it's freaking fantastic. YA psychological thriller, possible alternate universe layered on our own that could actually just be delusion. OMG I NEED IT SO MUCH.  

Second, LOOK at this cover! It's like Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue on psilocybin. It's a modern grimoire, a glorious dark wonderland of occult graffiti surrounding, consuming the somber colorless figure of the model. It's the perfect metaphor for the premise: a fantasy eclipsing this boy's reality until nothing else has color or space. Then there's that shadowy face in the back--a shadow self? A double? The bold chalked letters make a statement of exactly who owns this story. The cacophony of symbols creates a visual representation of the protag's increasing mental chaos--and I WANT IT ALL.


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