Top Ten Tuesday: Ten back to school book recommendations based on your favorite subject

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C.J.: I was one of those super nerdy people who loved school (except for the homework and the people who asked dumb questions and...) but I would have been just as happy spending my whole day reading a good book. Whether you're in school, heading back to school, or left school behind a long time ago and just want to rub it in our faces, here are the books you should read...based on your favorite school subject.     

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If your favorite subject is Latin, try...

Legacy of Kings - Eleanor Herman 

This historical romance about young Alexander the Great (with a fantasy twist!) is a must-read for any classicist with some down time. It's a little hokey in parts, but Herman's first career as a historian is astoundingly apparent in the depth and accuracy of her world. Until someone in YA retells The Aeneid, Herman's your gal. 


If your favorite subject is Criminology, try... 

Allegedly - Tiffany D. Jackson 

Jackson gives you a chilling peek into the murderous mind in this twisty-af psychological thriller, starring a troubled black teen whose mother is in jail for killing a white infant. It's deeply human and viciously raw, perfect for brushing up on those Criminal Justice 101 skills. 


If your favorite subject is Contemporary Literature, try... 

A History of Glitter and Blood - Hannah Moskowitz 

Remember reading about contemporary literary theory and the rise of postmodernism? Just me? Moskowitz kills it in this dark, bizarre little book about trick-turning bisexual faeries, their troll overlords, and the war for dominance in a post-war kingdom. It's written as though you're reading the story while it's being written, and it'll satisfy all your highbrow cravings without making you dive into Infinite Jest.  



If your favorite subject is Poetry, try... 

Belzhar - Meg Wolitzer 

You wrote a lot of black, gelled your hair, and quoted Sylvia Plath to your eye-rolling classmates. Screw them, because your hair looked awesome and now you can experience everybody's favorite dark poet in Wolitzer's contemporary fantasy about a school for troubled teens and the magical secret they find through The Bell Jar. 


If your favorite subject is Quantum Physics, try... 

What Goes Up - Katie Kennedy 

This laugh-tastic (yeah, I said it) sci-fi comedy hasn't gotten nearly enough love. It's a hysterical, yet somehow poignant, story of the brilliant teens picked to be the Interstellar Intelligence Agency's new recruits--and what happens when hormones, personal woes, and ubernerds get mixed up with the universe's first known wormhole. 

whitley's selections                        

Mythology - The Bear and the Nightengale
Set in a period of Russian history where Christianity was just starting to take root, much of this book (and in fact my favorite part of this book) dwells on how Chistianity and the older religion and beliefs mixed, and later how the later was subsumed by the former.
Sociology - Written in the Stars
The story of how Naila was forced by her family into an arranged marriage is heartwrenching, but it also takes a deep look into the ways that society and family influence our actions and decisions, for better or worse. A lot of attention is given to the ways that actions of the group affect the actions of an individual, and while her parents' decision is vile and unflinchingly displayed as so, we also see every step that went into making that decision.
Science/Rural Planning - Dragonsdawn
Yeah, it's science fiction, but everyone needs a goal. ^_~ This book is long and full of nitty gritty technical details about setting up on a new world, and hot damn do I love logistics. CW: there's some definitely 70s era ideas about gender in here, and the author's been problematic in various ways before.


History - The Blood of Flowers
Set in 17th century Persia, it follows the story of a young woman who must move in with distant relatives after her father dies, and she starts learning the art of rug designs from her uncle. This is a traditionally male role, and she encounters a lot of push back, naturally, but she persists. It's a gorgeous look at the time period and full of great commentary on the 'invisible' labor of women.

five31447601 Music - Noteworthy
Jordan Sun misses out on her chance to distinguish herself in her arts school, so she decides to cross-dress and try out for an all-boy a capella group instead. The story mixes a lot of humor in with some heavy subjects, like identity and the trainwreak that is our healthcare system in the US.

Your turn!  What are your favorite NA books that aren't just about the romance? (Including older YA and younger adult!)   


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