Top Ten Tuesday: Our top book and book-adjacent resolutions for 2018

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CJ's Selections

So, I almost wrote 2017. Also my main resolution actually read again? (Yes, these covers are all representative of the things, just in twisty ways cause my brain is a labyrinth.)
1.Catch up on the backlist - I even made a Goodreads shelf for this one, at the gentle insistence of @rtthebookowl who is wise in all things. Because there are SO many books on my TBR that I've had on there for approximately an eon (you'll get to see more specifics in a couple weeks for TTT) and it's just kind of embarrassing. Even though I deleted about 600 books off my TBR recently, it's still...way too long. So 2018 is going to be the year of playing catch-up!

2.Finish those series I've left twisting in the wind - Remember Brodi Ashton's trilogy, starting with Everneath? What about Victoria Schwab's The Archived? And I'm sure you all know Ransom Riggs' Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. What else do they have in common? These are all series I started years ago...and never got around to finishing. I think it's part OMG NEW BOOKS MUST KEEP UP -itis and part IF I FINISH THEM THEY'LL BE OVER. Whatever the cause, this year I'm actually going to warp up some of those abandoned babies!

3.Crosspost all those reviews I have hanging out there - So 2017 was not my best year for blogging. I kind of went on an unexpected hiatus, and I'm just now getting around to posting again. Gently. But I also feel choked up with guilt every time I think of how much longer it's been since I've properly crossposted my reviews to Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. This year, it's time to slay the anxiety monster and get to copying and pasting!

4.Chill out more about blogging and reviewing - Besides depression and all that jazz, one of the biggest things that burnt me out on blogging was this crushing perfectionism that made it nearly impossible for me to even START a post. Because what if it wasn't long enough or pretty enough!? Well, screw that. This year, I'm going to embrace the frenetic word vomiter that is my brain and just WRITE. Because blogging is supposed to be FUN.

5.Chat more with other people about books - Yeah, I'm on twitter a lot (more than I should be considering how many anxiety spirals it's caused) but sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to myself. The whole point of getting on there in the first place was to engage with other readers about BOOKS. So I'm going to do that more this year, and worry less about my "image" and "popularity" and "shut up everyone thinks you're weird."

Whitley's Selections

I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions. I tend to make all of them at once and then, of course, fail at all of them at once. Trying to pick managebale resolutions is something I'm inching towards... Oh, hey, I guess that's another resolution: get better at resolutions! Hah.

 Also I couldn't decide on appropriate pictures, so enjoy my top five picks from 2017 instead.

1.Read more books than twitter - I spend way too much time on twitter, it's really become a dangerous time sink for me. And while I don't want to disconnect from that community, I do want to allocate my time better. I can easily spend hours on twitter and then realize it's the end of the day and I've run out of time to read. Those should be reversed...

I, er, have not been keeping to this so far. But I have been better, at least.

2.Keep track of my books -I've been using this spreadsheet by Crini to track books that I've obtained and read. I tried to use it as well last year, but, well, I'm me. I love this spreadsheet though, it's got an option for almost everything. It's only two weeks into the year, but I haven't fallen off the wagon yet!

3.Use the library more - I used the library so little last year that they actually deleted my account and I didn't notice. (They...weren't supposed to, I don't think. It's okay, I got a new one.) I chalk that up to the fact that I had a steady, well-paying job for the first time in...a decade? (Sorry, I just realized that as I was typing, what is my life.) So I went a little overboard, and now I have entire series of books that I own but haven't yet cracked a spine on. I like having the spare cash to support authors, but it turns, a decade of not having extra money makes me bad at spending it and maybe I should have made sure I liked those hardcovers before I dropped much money on them.

But the library is awesome and even lets me make lists on my account, which for some reason satisfies my hoarding impulse without having to give up money OR space. Who knew.

4.Attend ALA MW - Well, this'll be an easy one to meet, I already have my ticket and room lined up. Can't wait to get to Denver! - I didn't get very far into my instagram before, erm, well, I'm me. *shrug* But I really want to get back into photography, and including book photography. I don't know what I want to do with it, because instagram annoys me, but I do know I want to get better.

Your turn! Any resolutions, bookish or otherwise, in 2018?

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  1. LOL Rashika? Wise? Just kidding she is. And yes to all of these! I'm really hoping to get to many more backlist books than I did last year. And I am really hoping that I can visit the library more often this year :D AND FINISH SERIES. That is definitely a big one for me as well!