Top (Five) Tuesday: Ten books we really loved but can't remember anything about

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The way my memory has been since grad school, basically all the books I've read could go on here. But I'll pick some of the ones that just really slipped out of a hole in the back of my skull even though I could swear I loved them. 
1.A Line in the Dark / Malindo Lo - I really hope I already wrote the review for this one, because for some reason it's a black hole in my brain. Someone died, I think? There was a really good toxic friendship? There were girls in love? I remember being SO entrance by the writing and racing through the plot because I wanted to know everything! Maybe that's why I'm blanking.

2.The Reader / Traci Chee - Literally this book is one of my favorites of last year and yet I can barely remember the main plot. I know there was a boy who couldn't speak and a girl who could read, and a flashback to something dastardly happening at a library. And the boy was kidnapped? There were pirates involved. I definitely remember the side story of the famous pirate guy. And the cool mini story told at the bottom of the page! Maybe I was just in a daze of joy when I read this cause I'm foggy.

3.Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda - I probably shouldn't admit this, but there it is. I read this book as an ARC, aka forever ago. And I thought it was brilliant. And yet people keep mentioning stuff because of the movie coming out and I'm like huh? What happened, now? I guess that means the movie will just be a fabulous surprise and I'll be like OH YEAH RIGHT through the whole thing. It's good, because then I won't nitpick.

4.Lair of Dreams / Libba Bray - This happens to be one of my favorite series I've read and yet book two is basically a gaping void. I do remember being super annoyed that Evie and Sam (?) ...well, with their whole flirtation thing, I won't spoil it. And there was obviously something supernatural. And a museum. I really need to read book 3 but basically everyone could have died and I'd be like OH okay that happened.

5.The Darkest Part of the Forest / Holly Black - I absolutely adored this book, but I realized recently that I don't remember it as well as I thought. Because there was a cheeky reference in THE CRUEL PRINCE and Melissa Lee was like DID YOU SEE and I was like UH WHAT. On the plus side, it makes me really want to go back and reread it, so yay?

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  1. I'm glad I'm not alone in forgetting what happened in books I loved. I read a book called The Lamplighter years ago and loved it. I even cried at the end, but all I remember is something about a cat being thrown in a fire place...maybe...?