Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books We Can't Believe We Read

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CJ's Selections

As with my dear coblogger, I'm going to try and interpret this prompt the best I can? Here goes. Oh, and fair warning: I decided I'm going to allow myself to be my snarky darkhearted self, so here's to pulling no punches in 2018. 
1.27 Hours / Tristina Wright - More like I can't believe I finished this. I still haven't written a review because I hate writing negative reviews, especially of books that are really strong in the diversity camp. The characters were definitely the strongest bit--a whole cast of queer-identifying teens with spark and vitality. And then there was the plot. It just dragged. Or made no sense. And somehow this crazy sci-fi world hopping where racism is gone IS SET IN 2075!? It was hard to get past that part. Also, why did the pretty trans girl not get a POV? I'm glad other people loved it, but reading it was like banging my head against a brick wall. (see also ROAR by Cora Cormack)

2.Prisoner of Ice and Snow / Ruth Lauren - So I guess I read this. Tooootally forgot about it until just now. It was middle grade so I should probably be nicer, but I can't heeelp it. It was just so predictable and blah. Gimme THE GAUNTLET or THE IRON TRIAL any day. I can't even remember it well enough to be snarky about it. This is really more "I don't believe it!" in the sense that if you handed me this book and told me I'd read it, I'm not sure I'd believe you.

3.Poison's Kiss / Breeana Shields - Strike that down for another one I can't believe I finished. It's like someone was watching Aladdin and was like, "Hey, I could write about a vaguely Arabic (Indic?) world with sand and snake charmers and shit. And then I could take a really cool concept of poison maidens and surround it with a super thin plot, unbelievable instalove, and the dumbest twist known to man." You know how sometimes you read on, hoping it'll get better? It didn't get better.

4.Wolf by Wolf / Ryan Graudin - I don't know what I expected. I thought Graudin's Wall (what was the name of it!?) book was mediocre. So naturally I'm like, "Hm, well, here's one about an alternative universe in which an escaped Jewish girl competes in an international motorcycle race to get a chance to kill Hitler. That sounds like a good idea." Spoiler alert: It wasn't. I didn't actually finish it, and there are people who adored it, but clearly I was not meant for that life.

5.Dumplin' / Julie Murphy - I somehow read this book despite already knowing it was about beauty pageants and Texas, two things that are diametrically opposed to my personal aesthetic. But it was fat positive and ALL THE COOL KIDS WERE DOING IT, so I did it. It wasn't bad. There was a lot of Dolly Parton. I didn't love it. But it was damn solid, and I'd read Julie Murphy again. Although maybe not if there are beauty pageants...

Whitley's Selections

Admittedly, this prompt confused me a little, so...I kind of took various interpretations with it. *shrug*

1.Revealing Eden - Yeah, that 'famously' racist bad book that had 15 minutes of fame for being just so very bad right from the premise. But you cannot imagine how bad the execution was without reading it. (Not that I would suggest doing so, there's really no benefit to knowing.)

I can't believe I made it to the end of this one...without breaking it.

2.Lord of the Rings Trilogy - I have never really been a lover of huge epics, although I had a bit more tolerance for them when I was younger. Still, even though I read this one years's so HUGE? How on earth did I sit still long enough to finish it? How did I manage to retain basically anything that happened?

I can't believe I made it to the end of this all.

3.A Game of Thrones - I have this one marked as being read. So I must have read it, right? At some point? ...but I have absolutely no memory of this book or any subsequent ones. What little I know from this series comes from HBO gifs.

I CAN believe I read this book...but I'd also believe that I haven't and just made a mistake.

4.When a Scot Ties the Knot - Although it's not free from some of the less savory romance cliches, I found this book so charming and it resonated so well with me that it officially became the FIRST romance book that I've ever REREAD. And I've reread it multiple times (most recently being last week, even). I reread books in general so rarely, and romance especially becomes less enjoyable on repeats, and I'm honestly surprised at myself for picking this one up again and again. (Any Duchess Will Do, by the same author, also gets reread semi-regularly.)

I can't believe I read this book...again!

5.Public Relations - Okay, this isn't the first book that gave me this reaction, but the phenomenon keeps surprising me regardless and this example was easiest to find. Because I identified a little too hard with this book. Not in a bad way, just in a way that made me repeatedly stop and put it down and go SOMEONE ELSE THINKS THIS WAY, OMG. I love it when books put words to a feeling or a thought process that I didn't even realize I couldn't verbalize.

I can't believe I read this book...about me!

Your turn! What books can you not believe you read. (And did we even get the prompt right?)

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