Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books that C.J. could re-read forever and Whitley could maybe re-read at least once

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CJ's Selections

I don't re-read books as much as I used to, because keeping up with the TBR (unless you're @innocentsmileyx or @skizzles22, hem) is exhausting. But I used to, and I absolutely love falling back into a world. I've recently circumvented the time issue by re-reading on audiobook while I'm falling asleep, so it's like a familiar bedtime story. Here are five that I could re-read or re-listen or re-whatever to infinity. 
1.Howl's Moving Castle / Diana Wynne Jones - This is my favorite book. It's hard to pick just one, but this book has been with me since childhood, and it's magic and characters and world have influenced everything from my writing to, I'm sure, my personality. It's SO much better than the movie (I WILL FIGHT YOU DON'T @ ME OR DO) and it's such a beautiful mix of tropes and subversion of tropes and whiny vain wizards and quietly brave women. I listen to it or read it at least once a year.

2.Pride & Prejudice / Jane Austen - Yeah, I'm basic, get over it. I'm literally listening to this one again right now because whenever I'm going through a tough time, I need a bedtime read that'll take me back to old friends, and Lizzie always brings me there. Plus Austen's writing is so cheeky! I could basically list any of her books here, but P&P is definitely my enduring favorite.

3.Ella Enchanted / Gail Carson Levine - I hope that kids are still reading this, because it's the perfect retelling, the retelling to end all retellings, the Cinderella who saves herself and everyone else and only needs her wits and cleverness and heart to do it, no magic or swords required. It's also hella funny and Char will always be my Prince Charming. The audiobook sounds like it's read by a kid, which is weird, but it's worth it to go back to Frell.

4.Harry Potter / J.K. Rowling - I mean, duh. I grew up at the perfect time for HP. I was 10, I think, when the third book came out. I grew up with Harry, and whatever shenanigans are happening now around the new movies, whatever smidgen of wokeness I have now that leads me to critique them more, I will still always always always love these books and go back to them again and again, because they're a part of me so ingrained that I couldn't cut it out with a knife, because they're threaded all the way through everything I am. Wow, that got sentimental.

5.Dark Lord of Derkholm / Diana Wynne Jones - I could list Diana for a while, but this is an absolute classic of fantasy and it's scandalous how few people know about it. It's about a whole high-fantasy planet that's been enslaved by an unscrupulous Earthling to act as a basically a large-scale LARP for rich tourists from Earth who want to come and have a fantasy adventure, complete with a quest, demons, dragons, wizard guides, and a final showdown with the Dark Lord. And it's all staged, and this year's Dark Lord is a rather bumbling and scatterbrained wizard who's set up to make a mess of things, plus his troupe of resourceful children (both human and griffin!). It pokes gentle fun at all the fantasy tropes we love, and it's absolutely fabulous and wonderful and you must read it now. Go. I'll wait.

Whitley's Selections

Oddly enough, most of mine are romance novels? I never would have thought I'd reread a romance novel, but now that's almost exclusively what I pick up twice. I think it's a time thing, they only take an evening to get through again.

1.Any Duchess Will Do - Legit the first romance novel I ever reread, and I think I've read it four or five times now. I love all the characters and I think the scenario is utterly adorable and the angst is so sweet, I just can't help myself! To avoid having this list be all Tessa Dare, all the time, I will go ahead and include here - When a Scott Ties the Knot and A Lady by Midnight.

2.Street Magic - Tamora Pierce was a huge part of my childhood, and Briar was my first (still only?) book boyfriend. I know he's only 14 in this book, but, well, that's how old I was the first time I read it so. He's older in my head now. But this is the book where I first became obsessed with the character, and I still get giddy and cheer for that big action finale. Same as above, there's a lot I reread from this author - Trickster's Choice/Queen, Will of the Empress, Protector of the Small.

3.Beauty - I still have my original copy of this book, and it is quite literally falling apart. It was my road trip book. Every road trip through high school (and there were a lot of them, for some reason) I'd take this along. It was the first book I read to my mom, rather than her reading to me. It still stands as my favorite retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with a calm and refined Beast where the mystery and drama comes from the magic of the curse rather than the characters themselves.

4.Dealing with Dragons - CIMORENE FOREVER. This is another one that I reread mostly for the nostalgic factor, but the whole series is great. Okay, three out of four of the series is great. I adore these characters and the irreverent approach to fairy tale tropes contained within the whole world. In fact, I think I need to reread this one again, it's been a long time.

5.Dragon Sword and Wind Child - I read this first in....middle school? High school? A school, we'll leave it at that. I loved it, I was fascinated with the way it was written and the upending of the moral structures every other book I'd read until that point was built on. (Due to it not being rooted in vaguely Christian culture roots, not necessarily deliberately, but EVEN BETTER.) I can't say I reread this one all the time, but I do it at regular...uh, decade long intervals?  I have a shiny new copy now, so rereading will be easier when I try it again!

Your turn! What books can you reread forever?


  1. I was disappointed by the book howl's moving castle after I saw the movie version which seems so much better, so no re-read of this.

    I think I did re-read pride and prejudice a few times, it's still great

    I sort of skim when I re-read ella enchanted, there is just some bits that seems rather boring to me upon re-reading

    harry potter - haven't re-read it yet but I'll probably will

    beauty - it's on my list too

    dealing with dragons - I like the series a lot though I often wonder if Cimorene has told the story in all four books, perhaps it might not be as good. but I like all the characters especially Cimorene.

    have a lovely day.

  2. The Princess Bride. I was given a copy for my 21st birthday and I will read it forever. I never get tired of it.

    1. I met someone this weekend who wanted an abridged Princess Bride. Like, without all of Goldman's commentary and intro. I just looked at her like she'd broken my brain, which she did...

    2. Oh my brain broke reading that.