Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books that are for sure on our Spring TBRs (lol I know we're so funny)

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I swear I'm actually going to read these during a period of time reasonably designated as "Spring." [[this is also a good indication of how i miss books from my tbr because it's just such a foregone conclusion i'm going to read them that i didn't realize i didn't add them and then i just feel embarrassed]]  
1.Whisper of the Tide / Sarah Tolcser - Sarah's debut THE SONG OF THE CURRENT was one of my breakout favorites of last year, considering I usually don't like books about boats for some reason. But with its magic, lore, and swoony romance, I couldn't say no to the sequel. There was such a cliffhanger!

2.City of Bastards / Andrew Shvarts - I still don't know why ROYAL BASTARDS isn't more celebrated. I thought Andrew's combo of incisive sarcasm, swashbuckling, and brutal fantasy was such a fun, unique alternative to the typically serious offerings we get in high fantasy. It's like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN for sword and sorcery, and the ending was so OMG explosive that I need book two so everything can be okay. *tears*

3.Ruin of Shadows / Linsey Miller - Next on my parade of sequels to 2017 debuts (seriously I didn't notice this until now) is the follow-up to MASK OF SHADOWS. In her debut, Linsey gave us a genderfluid assassin named Sal. The original had a few hitches in pacing and plotting, but it also concluded with a few shockers that got me hooked. I'm hoping to get some of the worldbuilding that was missing in book one.

4.#murdertrending / Gretchen McNeil - I've never read Gretchen before, but when my friend at Disney was like "Hey, want to review this book about teenagers trapped in a murdery reality show?" I was like "HOW DID YOU KNOW EVERYTHING I LOVE." Yeah, I'm a macabre s.o.b., hush. It'd be cool if this was a chilling commentary on the American prison-industrial complex, but I'll settle for a creepy thriller about sicko voyeurism.

5.Name of the Wind / Patrick Rothfuss - My friend gave me this book when I left grad school, and obviously I'm a terrible person and haven't gotten to it yet because of ARCs and things. So when I saw her this weekend she basically threatened to disown me if I don't read it soon (along with half our other friends because APPARENTLY EVERYONE BUT ME HAS READ IT) so I need to get on this clearly. Plus magic and such.

Your turn! What books are on your Spring TBR? 

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