Top Ten Tuesday: Books with our favorite color on the cover

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CJ's Selections

Unlike someone *hem hem* I'm not going to cheat. I was going to choose rainbow since my actual favorite color is black and I thought that would be too hard, but then I realized that I was having a hard time thinking of actual black covers. So I'll just stand at stark contrast to Whitley's colorsplosion. .... Okay, now that I've done them, I was actually able to knock that out pretty easily. And they're all covers I really love and they're mostly with gold wtf? TREND ALERT. Even though my real fav is black and silver. 
1.Furyborn / Claire Legrand - If you haven't heard of this one, you might live in a hole. It's an absolutely fabulous magical adventure about two girls on opposite ends of history, one a queen with dark secrets and one a criminal with a surprising destiny. It's got all the Tamora Pierce vibes...and a kickass cover that has vibes of medieval tarot decks.

2.The Hazel Wood / Melissa Albert - Stunning, stunning book with a cover just as gorgeous as the prose. Think twisted Alice in Wonderland, except more like Alice in Grimm-land but three times as dark as even the Grimms. The cover harks back to antique fairy tale books and woodcuts for a reason.

3.The Cruel Prince / Holly Black - So I'm cheating just a little because this is the special edition cover, but I feel justified because not only is the cover black but there's Black on the cover. Get it? :D Anyhoo, this is one of the most viciously witty fantasies I've ever read, and the cover is like the book, sharp and evocative without being overly ornate. The black is just so rich!

4.The Wicker King / K. Ancrum - I didn't fall as in love with the book as I wanted, but I'm definitely in love with the cover. It's a fantasy conspiracy theory Da Vinci code sort of cacophany brought together by the bold text and tempered by the dark background. The figure is striking but hidden, fitting for a book about shadowy realities and toxic friendships. A bit unsatisfying but well worth a read if you love lyrical prose and brutal plotting.

5.Caraval / Stephanie Garber - I mean, you know it. Breakout hit of last year with a carnival backdrop and a magical meta-game. The only thing more legendary than CARAVAL is the sequel. (Ba dum dum.) The US cover is lovely, but the UK cover is truly stunning, which is probably why I own three of them (AND I NEED MORE. I NEED THEM ALL). That burst is such a simple, elegant way to express the magic of the setting.

Whitley's Selections

Favorite color? As in, I have to pick just one? That's like asking me to pick my favorite book, it's just rude! So instead I'm going to do "my favorite colorful covers," lol.
1.Trail of Lightning / Rebecca Roanhorse - I used this one last week and I hardly care because IT'S JUST SO BADASS. I love the stand-out red truck and red lettering against the background, and if you see the whole wrap-around cover, there's a turquoise wall in the background. So many awesome details and I cannot wait to get this in my hands.

2.Mirage / Somaiya Daud - I loooooove the color combo on this. The gold and purple are just working overtime and it hardly matters that they're the only two colors. It just looks so sumptuous and so fitting for a story about Space Royalty.

3.Ghost Talkers / Mary Robinette Kowal - The background colors. THE BACKGROUND COLORS. Oh I get all flustered every time I look at them. And they really go well with the emotion on the two characters in the foreground and the general tone through the book.

4.Vengeance Road / Erin Bowman - Kind of similar to #2, in that it's just a few colors but they really know how to mix and pop.

Hah, I think I don't have a favorite color, but I do have a favorite color usage? Close enough.

5.Girls of Paper and Fire / Natasha Ngan - Okay, you know what, it's entirely possible that actually my favorite cover-colors are yellow and purple. Thank you for joining me on Whitley's Journey of Learning About Herself.

Your turn! What is your favorite color for a book cover? Which books have carried that color well? 

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