Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books we'd slay a lion (or robot lion cause KITTY ;;_;;) to get early

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CJ's Selections

This is the tiniest of tiny versions of this list. So many lions would be slaughtered if I had to list them all... 
1.Children of Virtue and Vengeance / Tomi Adeyemi - CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE was so phenomenal and the ending was such a cliffhanger, I'm really chomping at the bit for the next one. I might just have to reread CBB before next year to get my fix.

2.King of Scars / Leigh Bardugo - Me and everyone else, right? Nikolai is one of my absolute FAVORITE characters from the Grisha trilogy AND HIS CAMEO IN SIX OF CROWS WASN'T ENOUGH. IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. So I'm going to cuddle this book creepily when it arrives because there are no ARCs and even if there were I'm too much of a peon to get one anyway so I'll have to wait like the rest of the world and cry myself to sleep.

3.Dark Age / Pierce Brown - I still claim hipster props because I read RED RISING as an e-ARC, but now EEEEVERYONE loves the series so I'm not special anymore. So it's looking like I'll be waiting until September, but there's a chance, right? Right? MY BABY DARROW AND SEVRO ARE FIGHTING AND I DUN LIKE ITTTT.

4.The Wicked King / Holly Black - If the four copies of THE CRUEL PRINCE I own tell you nothing,'re dense? I dunno, I SERIOUSLY WANT THIS. TCP is one of the best fantasy books I've read in years, with just the right amount of snark and whimsy and magic to suck me right in. (Still looking for the ARC with full cover, whimper.) So I really really need more Cardan in my life.

5.Wildcard / Marie Lu - Behold, most lovely WARCROSS sequel! Not only was WC one of my favorite books of last year, but I'm hoping there's a chance they might, um, redesign the covers for the release. *scratches neck* Just sayin'. But also I'm dyyyying after that cliffhanger and I need Emika to make it all better for me, k?

Whitley's Selections

I keep a running spreadsheet of books that I want, and it's so hard to pick only five. These can't even be considered my 'top' five, they're just the five that caught me at the moment, lol.
1.Trail of Lightning / Rebecca Roanhorse - Every stage leading up to this book just makes me want it more. "Rebecca Roanhorse is putting out a SFF book." Sweet. "Here's the summary, it's about monster slaying in the apocalypse." That sounds awesome! "Time for a cover reveal!" OH WOW I NEED. "Review copies have gone out, and all your favorite authors are raving about it." KAJSDHFKJASHFKJSDH PLEASE IS IT JUNE YET?

2.For a Muse of Fire / Heidi Heilig - A fantasy story about magic that uses shadow puppets? As well as rebellions and smugglers and secrets and spirits and French setting and oh la la so much in this summary that tickles my funny bone, I can't wait!

3.Ogre Enchanted / Gail Carson Levine - I only recently found out this book was going to happen, but I immediately needed it with a lion-slaying passion. Ella Enchanted was one of my favorite books growing up, and I still have a battered copy that I enjoy rereading. I wasn't quite fond of the other addition to this world (Fairest) so honestly this one could go either way, BUT I'M EAGER TO FIND OUT.

4.I Am Still Alive / Kate Marshall - It's Hatchet.

Okay, it's not literally Hatchet, but it's friggin similar to Hatchet if the summary is accurate. And I love Hatchet. I'll read 23498723 variations of Hatchet and never get bored with them, so bring it on! (It probably does the book some disservice to say "oh, you're just like this other book" because I'm sure it'll have it's own spin on teen-stuck-in-the-wilderness, but I can't like about my reasons for being excited, lol.)

5.Girls of Paper and Fire / Natasha Ngan - Two ladies taken to be concubines of the demon king fall for each other instead and plot to escape him. Do I need to say more? Okay fine:


Your turn! What books would you commit lion murder for? 

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