Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books we plan to read poolside, or at least somewhere summery

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CJ's Selections

Lately "reading by the pool" has turned into "drinking by the pool" so these might just end up being summer reads on my balcony. Or my air conditioned couch, because heat index of 105 WTF THAT'S NOT FOR HUMANS.  
1.Whisper of the Tide / Sarah Tolcser - The first, SONG OF THE CURRENT, was one of my favorite of last year. It's about ships and such so it even feels summery. I'm partway into WHISPER and it's already giving me major PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN feels. Perfect beach reading.

2.#murdertrending / Gretchen McNeil - What more do you want in a beach read than serial killers and mayhem? I know, I know, you can't possibly answer that because there's NOTHING. Plus I do love when I'm out in my swimsuit and people are sneakily trying to figure out why my book says "murder." This reality show deathmatch is straight up my alley.

3.Legendary / Stephanie Garber - This doesn't get to leave the outdoors unless I'm by grass because it's a shiny happy hardcover and I will murder anyone who gets water spots on it. But I'm dying to read the highly anticipated CARAVAL sequel, with more Legend, extra magic, and 90% more Tella. How much you bet there's another cliffhanger?

4.Mirage / Somaiya Daud - I just got approved for this on Netgalley, aka I will be reading it as soon as humanly possible. Gimme ALL the non-Western fantasy! And all the fantasy, really, but I'm loving the push for new voices in the genre because it means new worlds! This is actually science-fiction which is even better because I'm trying to read more sci-fi, and there's a fake princess in disguise! Do I need more exclamation points!?!!!

5.Ruin of Stars / Linsey Miller - I thought that MASK OF SHADOWS had a lot of promise and a kickass premise: a genderfluid wannabe assassin joins a deadly competition to become an actual assassin, one of the queen's own. Now that Sal is in the big leagues and realizing their liege is keeping national secrets, I'm hoping for more political intrigue and some secrets about the creepy deadly magical shadows that keep eating people alive. Obviously. And assassins are beachy? I got nothing.

Whitley's Selections

Pool? What pool? Ah, what I wouldn't give to have easy access to a pool.
1.Bruja Born / Zoraida Cordova - I had mixed feelings about the first book, but one of those feelings was "hrm, that was a lot of set up for a sequel....WHICH SOUNDS AMAZING." Fingers crossed hard that all the set up will pay off! Shouldn't be too hard for me to get to this one, I'm going to one of the author's tour stops on Thursday, woot woot!

2.Trail of Lightning / Rebecca Roanhorse - Only one week to go and I think I might just up and implode from how excited I am for this book. I have heard nothing but good things about it, which I believe, because, c'mon, have you seen that summary? (Or read Ms. Roanhorse's short stories, which you totally should?)

3.Map of Salt and Stars / Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar - This sounds really poignant, and I really love the concept of using maps to connect the two different eras being discussed.

4.I am Still Alive / Kate Marshall - This is the second time I've put this one on a TTT list, and I'm unreasonably excited for it, and I really really hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot with all this mental buildup. Only a month left before I find out!

5.Heroine's Journey / Sarah Kuhn  - I love the style of this series. The plots, the humor, the relationships, the family and friendships, the humor, THOSE COVERS, just everything about them. Plus, the dog on the cover is modeled after Fitz, the bookshop dog from The Ripped Bodice. How could I not love something with that kind of injoke involved?

Your turn! What book are you planning to hit this summer?

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