Top Ten Tuesday: Books on Our Fall TBR
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CJ's Selections

Aka books that I meant to read this summer except then I got hammered by depression and moving across country and all sorts of shit and now the only books I've read in the last month are about serial killers.   
1.Wildcard / Marie Lu - I was going to read this weeks ago, except then I couldn't find it. It emerged from under a pile of stuff that went to my new apartment. More importantly, WARCROSS was a gamer's dream, so I'm incredibly stoked to find out what happens with Emika and my boy Hideo.

2.Muse of Nightmares / Laini Taylor - Another sequel I meant to read earlier and didn't. Laini's writing is some of the prettiest, most incisive in the YA world. Her realm of Weep is such a gorgeous mythos. MON is going to make me sob tears of OMG, I know it.

3.The Wicked King / Holly Black - Yeah I know everyone else has already read it. I don't like reading books too far away from release date, even my most anticipated. But it's gonna happen soon, because THE CRUEL PRINCE was one of my favorite books of last year slash maybe all time. Carden for life.

4.A Blade So Black / Elle McKinney - I have a few goals in my life, and one is to read everything Alice in Wonderland I can get my hands on. Badass black Alice is pretty much the best selling point I've ever heard. I can't wait to get my preorder goodies!

5.Impostors / Scott Westerfeld - Unless I'm much mistaken, UGLIES was the first YA novel I ever read, back when YA wasn't even really a thing. That series owned my teen years, and I'm freaking out that I get to dive back into that world.

Whitley's Selections

1.The Spy with the Red Balloon - Katherine Locke - I read The Girl with the Red Balloon last year and absolutely loved it for its wonderful atmosphere and setting and the rich variety of characters and how they were written. Spy follows one of the Girl characters, but going even further back into WWII era.

Two siblings, each with the ability to do magic, join WWII, Ilse in the laboratory making the atom bomb and Wolf as a saboteur behind German lines. But their attempts to communicate and help each other and in jeopardy when it's discovered Ilse's laboratory has a spy.

2. Unbroken - Cynthia Leitich Smith - Louisa is in her senior year of high school and just dumped her first boyfriend for being a racist asshole. She decides to throw herself into her last year of school and, in particular, into her job on the school newspaper. The big story this year: the school's production of Wizard of Oz and the "controversy" over the diverse casting. Including Lou's little brother, playing the Tin Man. As parental organizations form and things heat up, Lou must also deal with her attraction to a fellow newspaper student, wondering if her heart can stand the pitfalls that come with "dating while Native."

3. of Needle and Bone - Mira Grant - In a futuristic world where most disease has been eradicated, medical knowledge has waned from disuse. But then a new epidemic begins, and doctors must rush and struggle to relearn old skills in order to combat it. One doctor in particular is desperate to fight the new epidemic, and must at the same time struggle with guilt over having helped cause it.

4. Light Between Worlds - Laura E. Weymouth - Two sisters find a portal to a Narnia-like world full of mythical creatures and fantastical settings. But then they have to come home. One sister is desperate to return to the other world and does everything she can to find it. The other is desperate to fit in to this world and does everything she can to forget it. But when one sister mysteriously goes missing, the other must face her past in order to search for her.

5. to the God Damn Ice Cube - Blair Braverman - I say that I'm going to read this book every year (because of course you have to wait until it's nice and cold outside to read something like this) and maybe this year I'll actually do it! I love following Blair on twitter and seeing all her pictures and stories, and a whole book about how she got into dogsled racing and the trials and tribulations therein just sounds fantastic.

Your turn! What books are you planning to read this fall?

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