Top Ten Tuesday: Ten backlist books we seriously want to devour
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CJ's Selections

You mean I can't just say "all of them"??? 
1.Legend / Marie Lu - So WARCROSS was my first Marie book, and I loved it (and its sequel). But she has not one, but TWO previous trilogies that have gotten glowing reviews and yet I have been dumb and haven't read them yet. Which is sad. I mean, there's murder and dystopian post-apocalyptic goodness and what the hell have I been waiting for?

2.The Fixer / Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Besides the fact that basically everyone I know keeps yelling at me to read this, it also sounds like something I'd worship. It's comped to PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, it has a rich kid boarding school, it has a teen girl with a shady underground business. Uh, yes. please, gimme those dark family secrets!

3.Dangerous Boys / Abigail Haas - I have Paperfury aka C.D. Drews to thank for this rec, from forever ago. And I still haven't read it because I'm drowning under my TBR, but it has everything I want in a dark fucked up book: mysterious murder, lies, betrayal, dark twisted passions or whatever that means. Yes please. Mess me up.

4.White Space / Ilsa J. Blick - Apparently my aesthetic is "mindfuck" because that's exactly what this book is. Alternate realities. A girl who writes a book that might actually be a real lost book and realizes she's a character in another person's book....wut? Yeah, just give it to me already.

5.Falconer / Elizabeth May - I've wanted to read this more now that I've followed Elizabeth on Twitter for a while. She's savvy, smart, and socially progressive, and her trilogy is about a girl who kills evil fae so obviously my CRUEL PRINCE obsessed self needs to get that.

Your turn! What books have you been putting off reading?

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