Top Ten T(hursday): Our Most Anticipated Releases for Early 2019
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CJ's Selections

Luckily I got to read some of my most anticipated early (yes, yes I *am* bragging a little, feel free to hate me). But while for some, like THE WICKED KING and BLOODWITCH, I'm just anticipating holding those juicy FCs in my hands, there are still several I'm frothing at the mouth to read.  (And this is just January, y'all.) 
1.King of Scars / Leigh Bardugo - Let's be real, I'd never have gotten an ARC of this even if they'd made any. I fell in love with Nikolai in SIEGE & STORM, and I've been watching for years as Leigh teased giving the snarky charismatic pirate (hem, privateer) his own book. I can't wait to see what's become of Ravka and to catch back up with Nina after CROOKED KINGDOM and the, hem, events therein.

2.The Gilded Wolves / Roshani Chokshi - I'm going to be That Girl here an admit that I actually can't remember what TGW is supposed to be about. xD It was so long ago when I read the description. I just fell in love with Chokshi's lyrical writing and snarky characters after CROWN OF WISHES and ARU SHAH, so she's a current auto-read for me. (Fun fact: It's about secret societies in 1889 Paris. MORE EXCITED NOW.)

3.Stain / A.G. Howard - Speaking of auto-buy, I'm dying for my next A.G. read. I wasn't head over heels for ROSEBLOOD, but the SPLINTERED series is hands down one of my favorite urban fantasies and one of the definitive Wonderland retellings. I can't wait to see how she concocts this dark Princess and the Pea with its imposter princesses and mysterious curses. And if anyone has an ARC to trade, I need it for my collection?

4.Kingdom of Copper / S.A. Chakraborty - CITY OF BRASS was one of my favorites of 2018, so naturally I'm dying for the sequel. It's lush and brutal and full of reimagined Islamic mythology, with broody hot daevas, well-meaning but awkward prince daevas, and a competent heroine stuck in the middle. The end was a total cliffhanger, so I needs it now...

5.The Vanishing Stair / Maureen Johnson - While we're on the subject of cliffhangers, Maureen killed me in TRULY DEVIOUS. She lays out this convoluted intricate plot surrounding a cozy kind of murder mystery, and then drops a bomb at the end and drops the mic. I need to know how everyone reacts to the revelation! I must know who the murderer is! There are so many secrets! Plus the title gives me Winchester House vibes.

Whitley's Selections

I love the start of a new book season. So many shiny new books to look forward to.   
1.The Princess and the Fangirl / Ashley Poston - I'm not usually a fan of contemporary books (of any stripe) but every now and then something comes along that just perfectly tickles my fancy. I really hope Princess and the Fangirl lives up to that, because everything about the summary gets me giggly. A fangirl and an actress doing a switch at a con in order to solve a mystery? Sounds hilariously zaney!

2.The Tiger at Midnight / Swati Teerdhala - Speaking of shiny, check out that cover. I'm a sucker for fantasies that promise political intrigue, and this one promises assassins and soldiers (and someone else?) trying to out-mastermind each other, plus a rebellion. I basically have to read it.

3.Spin the Dawn / Elizabeth Lim - WHILE WRITING THIS I got approved for an ARC of this title, so talk about providence. Mulan if she was a magical tailor. Who can pass up a sales pitch like that? Maia pretends to be a boy and takes her father's place in a competition to be the royal tailor, but the last task she has to complete is to sew outfits out of intangible things. (Can we talk about the cover game 2019 has going on? Damn.)

4.Blood Heir / Amelie Wen Zhao -A retelling of Anastasia, where the princess Ana has blood magic and has to keep it hidden in a country where magic is hunted. But when her father dies, it's her forbidden magic that tells her he was murdered. She's accused of the murder and has to go on the run an make some shifty alliances in order to try and clear her name.

5.The Blood Spell / C.J. Redwine - I've enjoyed the first three in this series of retold fairy tales, and I'm excited to see this latest redo of Cinderella. Especially since CJ Redwine usually takes such liberties with the fairy tales while still keeping them recognizable at the core.

Your turn! What books are looking forward to in 2019?

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