Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Us Authors We Read In 2018
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CJ's Selections

This was easy, because I read a lot of debuts this year. Honestly, I feel like I've read more authors that were new to me than old. I can't wait for them to become longtime favorites. Aka more books please?  
1.Damsel / Elana K. Arnold - She's been around a while, but of course I waited for fantasy to check her out. This book was fucked up in the best of ways. So disturbing, so bitingly feminist. It reads more like a fairy tale than a story, but it definitely makes me eager to check out her other stuff.

2.#Murdertrending / Gretchen McNeil - I requested this one because, um, murder. It wasn't the tone I expected, but it didn't disappoint. So campy! So slasher movie! I can see why she's made a name as a thriller writer. She's the perfect murdery beach read.

3.Stalking Jack the Ripper / Kerri Maniscalco - I've had her books on my shelf for a while, but I finally took the plunge and read it. And then I read the next two. While I have some issues with the inconsistencies in the psychological profiles of her killers, I do love her characters and just how fun and rompy her plots are.

4.Romancing the Duke / Tessa Dare - C.J. read her first romance this year! Tessa Dare is a huge presence in romance, and I only checked her out because my friend sent me her books as bribery. You know what? She's hysterical. And really charming. I can see why she's such a giant.

5.The Lightning Thief / Rick Riordan - The most glaring one on this list. Yes, I finally read Percy Jackson. Yes, I saw the movie first. Yes, the book is different, and also I loved it. It's so funny and tongue-in-cheek. I do plan to continue, but I wish I'd had these books in middle school. I'd have been obsessed.

Your turn! What new authors have you been enjoying?

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  1. Gaaah murdertrending and Stalking Jack the Ripper is on my TBR! Also, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the best!!! And I'm glad to have read it growing up. ❤