Isle of Blood and Stone - My journey into obsessive fangirling

title: Isle of Blood and Stone
author: Makiia Lucier
pages: 400
format: library hardcover
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rating: 5/5

Missing Princes and Mysterious Maps

Ten years after his father was kidnapped and murdered, along with the realm's two older princes, Elias is given two maps which suggest they are still alive. Although highly reluctant to follow up in the clues, Elias caves to the will of his best friend and king, who wants to learn more about his missing older brothers. Together with King Ulises and friend/crush Mercedes, they brave haunted forests and monster-infested waters, following the clues left by the map.

A small world and a slow pace

The story, despite sounding like it would be a grand adventure, actually has more of a slice of life feeling to it. Elias and the others never leave their island kingdom, and each have day-to-day duties that still need attending. Elias is a navigator preparing for an upcoming expedition, Ulises is a king and all that comes with such rank, and Mercedes is a diplomat. It is, frankly, almost as if the mission to find the three missing people is an after thought that they fit into their spare time.

And...yeah, I don't care. I loved these characters too much, along with the myriad of side characters who make appearances. The story is largely character driven and introspective, which works out GREAT when you have interesting characters. The world as well was great, with a lot of character and color. I loved the low fantasy aspect of it, where there were no magic users or overt magic going on, but it was considered only slightly odd to have literal ghosts and sea monsters roaming around.

More romance, please!

Plus, oh I was a sucker for that romance between Elias and Mercedes. There wasn't near enough of it in this book. Then again, that seems to be my curse: the lighter the touch the more I want it, but I only want it because there's not enough of it. This author has a talent for adorable stubborn dorks who clearly are pining after each other but are too busy snarking to admit it.

Will I read this author again? Anything she puts out, yes.
Will I continue this series? Check back in a few days for a review of Song of the Abyss

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