Dark Moon: The Series

Dark Moon 
A YA/Teen Fantasy series 

Welcome to the world of Mystala.  Ever wonder where all the myths and legends went?  You can find them here: the dragons, the unicorns, the winged horses, and things much stranger, rakta and draugar and Woodwatchers.  Only to Mystalians, the dragons are just those high-bred elitists on a faraway island; the unicorns and winged horses are mages with their own rights; and the others are all things you should simply avoid if you want to stay healthy and alive.  

To Lena Angeles, it's just the place where she landed when she dropped out of the sky.  At least until the mysterious, immortal Watchers tell her about the Wards.  All though history, these humans and horses have been protecting the balance of magic from wars, massacres, and anything else that puts too much chaos into the world.  Silent and unnoticed, they work in secret to change the course of history.  All to protect millions of people who don't even know they exist.  The scariest part?  They were chosen at random.  No special powers.  No sixth sense.  Just bad luck.  

Because there are others working too.  Others who fight on the side of chaos, who want to tip the balance until it explodes.  Others who believe that the only way to create a world of peace is to destroy it and remake it.  Those others?  The Malines.  

At the center of all this conflict is a secret, lost except for a single inscription on an old sword.  A secret rumored to hold cataclysmic power.  The Wards want to use it to stop the Malines for good.  The Malines want to use it to resurrect their ancient leader.  The only way to find it is to work out the intrigue surrounding an ancient king, a powerful sorcerer, a rebel Ward, and the mysterious celestial body known as the Dark Moon.  

And Lena?  All she wanted to do was finish high school, go to college, and maybe get a decent job.  On Earth.  But one hidden portal and a little blackmail later, she's part of Mystala's oldest secret society, with just one mission:  do whatever it takes to keep Mystala free.  And above all:  don't let anyone find out.  

The Dark Moon series is a sequence of six fantasy books meant for young adult and teen readers.  They follow the adventures of Lena and her friends through a modern take on the high fantasy epic, with plenty of snark, danger, romance, adventure, and magic.