DM 2

Dark Moon:  The Dream Thief 
Book Two 
[Draft one:  Complete at 110,000 words; Draft two:  Underway]

Finally back in Mystala, Lena is ready to take a break, practice some magic, and get a little closer to the blindingly adorable Cadian.  No such luck.  A series of murders across Mystala has the Wards on edge, but nothing connects them.  That is, until the mysterious Athan Clay comes to Ayla and Carmella for help.  He brings them to Arccos, a secret society of mages dedicated to preserving and discovering the most dangerous magical secrets.  Only someone has discovered them, and is killing off the twelve Arccos leaders, one by one.  The worst part?  The Crystal of Dreams, a powerful artifact that can sap magic from any mage, is missing.  Powerful enough to level an entire city.  Once the thief has killed the last two leaders, he'll have all the components he needs to make the Crystal work.  It's up to the Wards to find the thief in a place where everyone has secrets, where the thief is watching their every move.  When the Wards themselves are framed for the theft and the murders, the only way to avoid death or the dungeons is to find the real thief before he can use the Crystal to start a war.  

Excerpt from Dark Moon:  The Dream Thief 

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