Editing Services

Would you like to hire me to critique your novel, short story, or other writing? Well, that’s great, because I would love to read your stuff! But first, let’s talk turkey.

The Cost
$10 per chapter, up to 5000 words.
I will only take whole chapters (or short stories, etc). However, if you write short chapters and can fit more than one under the 5000 word limit, that’s fine. So:
  • One chapter that is 3,800 words long: $10
  • Two chapters that together total 4,200 words: $10
  • One chapter that is 3,800 words, and 1,200 words of the next chapter: no good
  • One chapter that is 3,800 words and another that is 3,400 words: $20
  • Three chapters that together total 9,300 words: $20
  • One chapter that is 7,000 words long: $20
Any combination that doesn’t include chapter fragments is fine by me.
If you would like to have me look at a few problem chapters, at only the first few chapters, or if you would like to send a few chapters at a time in order to budget more effectively, all are fine options. If you want to send a whole manuscript at once, that’s okay, too.

What You Get
  • A whole-chapter analysis similar to what I do on my blog.
  • Comments on continuity, characterization, believability, plot holes, pacing, worldbuilding, etc.
  • A little bit of sass. (It’s hard to turn off.)
What You Won’t Get
  • Line editing for grammar, syntax, word choice, etc.
  • Fact checking
  • Sensitivity reading (I will point out things that don’t seem to jive, but I don’t have the actual experience to be considered an authority on any marginalized identity; always trust an authoritative opinion over mine.)
What To Do
If you’re still interested, great! Send me an email at acolorfulexperience [@] gmail.com with your name, contact info, length of your project/chapters, and (if applicable) deadline. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and then the fun can begin.

Good luck with your writing!

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