Sarcasm and Lemons has a lot of great features besides just book reviews.  Click on the links below to check them out!


A review of anything I've been reading lately.

Retro Review 
I haven't read this book in a while, but it's great and you should know about it!

Indie Review 
This book is an indie press or self-published author--indie love!

ARC Review 
This book was awesomely granted to me by the author or publisher pre-release...hurrah!

Short Story Review 
Because short stories deserve love too.

Unfinished Review 
Just because I didn't like it, doesn't mean that you won't.  A special place for books I can't get to the end of.


Cover Love 
Love for some pretty snazzy art.  Every cover comes with a music cover, because I love them.

Character Psych 101 
There's nothing I hate more than poorly-portrayed mental illness (or just normal psychology) in books. Check these out for common pitfalls to avoid, and resources.

Before There Was ...
We love our new books, but what about the old ones?  Exploring books that look a lot like contemporary best sellers, and might appeal to fans of the same.  (For example, Before there was The Hunger Games, there was ... 1984, etc.)

C.J. rants about things with exclamation points and many ironic question marks.

Like essays, but with even more ranting and even more exclamation points!

Writing Prompts 
Out of inspiration? Check out my (often bizarre) collection of prompts.

Sometimes I write things.  Sometimes I paste pieces of them into my browser and hit "Publish."

Short Stories 
Sometimes I also write these things and post them before I can chicken out.

Writing Tips
A collection of things to consider when writing, editing, publishing, etc., from a reader and a writer.  (That's me, in case you were confused.)

Random Recommendations
Movies, songs, makeup...anything I can think of, usually paired with a companion book!

Books by Theme 
Like Before There Was, only any theme under the sun. Look out for some interesting ones, like Romance for Cynics or Halloween Reads.

Book News 
This is mostly be ranting about various new things in the literary world that I'm excited about, including ARCs, covers that I'm not personally revealing, tours I'm pumped about, etc.

I love highlighting releases for my fellow authorly friends and for other writers in general.  Check out features on new releases here!

sort of. more like, some weeks but not others. 

Teaser Tuesday 
Check out short excerpts from whatever I'm reading this week--which is usually about fifty different things.

Waiting on Wednesday 
What am I dying to read that hasn't come out?  Find out here.  Insert clever remark.

Wishlist Wednesday
Something that's already out but I haven't gotten my grubby hands on yet.

From the Review Pile
Thursdays!  Something I haven't reviewed (yet!), but want to give some love to.

Fridays in Verse 
For a selection of poetry from the antiquated to the emo (mostly written by me), come hither, brave soul.  Join the fun and add your own poetry links!

Feature and Follow Friday
I follow you.  You follow me.  With a featured blog from Parajunkee each week and fun questions! Meet new people!

Showcase Sunday
Showing off all the snazzy books I've acquired this week, or since the last showcase.

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