• ARC Reviews - Reviews based on ARCs that we have received. They may be reviewed before or after the publish date; the category is based on the type of the book, not the timing of the review. All ARCs are received in exchange for a fair and unbiased review and do not sway our opinions.
  • Normal Reviews - Reviews of backlist or already-published books that were purchased or received through a library. Includes all types of publications; short stories, anthologies, novels, comics, etc.
  • Indie Review - Reviews of self-published or small press books.
  • DNF Review - Review of a book we Did Not Finish, but for which we still have Thoughts That Need To Be Shared. Could be good or bad.
  • Review Roundup - A compilation of reviews for several books or stories where we didn't have enough to say to make a full post on each book.
  • Challenge Reviews - Not its own category, but any of the above reviews that satisfy ongoing reading challenges will be noted in the review.

Weekly Memes 

less 'weekly' and more 'when we have something to post, might as well go on this day of the week' 

(Ir)Regular Features

  • Cover Love - Giving some love to snazzy cover art.
  • Discussion Posts - Rambling discussions on various topics.
  • Writing Tips/Trope Talk - Advice on writing/discussions of writing topics that are less 'do like this' and 'it's complicated, here's some thoughts.'
  • Book Hauls - Showcasing books we've gotten in the last....since the last time we did a haul.

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