In an effort to keep myself from forgetting the 50 billion things I want to / promised to read and review (in addition to the 60 billion things I have to do for grad school), here's a comprehensive list of what I'm planning to review and when I'm going to do it.  ARCs and requests come first, then fun stuff.  List is subject to change.  Thanks to Christina Reads YA, whose review list page inspired my newfound organization.

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Release dates are listed for ARCs and 2015 releases.
List is subject to change.  Constantly.  Usually because of school.

Book TitleBook AuthorRelease DateRead?Post ReviewReview Link
A Little Something DifferentSandy HallAugust 26, 2014XJanuary 6, 2015Review
Belzhar Meg WolitzerSeptember 30, 2014XJanuary 7, 2015Review
JackabyWilliam RitterSeptember 16, 2014XJanuary 12, 2015Review
The Darkest Part of the ForestHolly BlackJanuary 13, 2014XJanuary 15, 2015Review
Vivian Apple at the End of the WorldKatie CoyleJanuary 6, 2014XJanuary 26, 2015Review
All the Bright PlacesJennifer NevinJanuary 6, 2014XJanuary 28, 2015Review
Trial by FireJosephine AngeliniSeptember 2, 2014XFebruary 2, 2015Review
The Cure for DreamingCat WintersOctober 14, 2014XFebruary 4, 2015Review
The Accidental HighwaymanBen TrippOctober 14, 2014XFebruary 10, 2015Review
Glory O'Brien's History of the FutureA.S. KingOctober 14, 2014XFebruary 11, 2015Review
The Doubt FactoryPaolo BacigalupiOctober 14, 2014XFebruary 16, 2015Review
I Was HereGayle Forman
XFebruary 18, 2015Review
Golden SonPierce BrownJanuary 6, 2015XFebruary 25, 2015Review
Exquisite CaptiveHeather DemetriosNovember 4, 2014X February 27, 2015Review
My Heart and Other Black HolesJasmine WargaFebruary 10, 2015XMarch 2, 2015Review
ShiverMaggie Stiefvater
XMarch 4, 2015Review
A Darker Shade of MagicVictoria SchwabFebruary 24, 2015XMarch 10, 2015Review
The Winner's CurseMarie Rutkowski
XMarch 12, 2015Review
Anatomy of a MisfitAndrea PortesSeptember 2, 2014XMarch 16, 2015Review
The Orphan QueenJodi MeadowsMarch 10, 2015XMarch 19, 2015Review
Crimson BoundRosamund HodgeMay 5, 2015XMarch 24, 2015Review
The Walled CityRyan GraudinNovember 4, 2014XMarch 27, 2015Review
The Winner's CrimeMarie RutkowskiMarch 3, 2015XMarch 30, 2015Review
Forgive Me, Leonard PeacockMatthew Quick                           XApril 3, 2015Review
Denton Little's Death DateLance RubinApril 14th, 2015XApril 8, 2015Review
SeraphinaRachel Hartman
XApril 13, 2015Review
Shadow ScaleRachel HartmanMarch 10, 2015XApril 15, 2015Review
An Ember in the AshesSabaa TahirApril 28, 2015XApril 20, 2015Review
LullabyChuck Palahniuk
XMay 8, 2015 Review
Invisible MonstersChuck Palahniuk
XMay 10, 2015Review
Saint AnythingSarah Dessen
XMay 13, 2015Review
Dream a Little DreamKerstin Gier
XMay 20, 2015Review
I'll Meet You ThereHeather Demetrios
XJune 1, 2015 Review
UprootedNaomi NovakMay 19, 2015 XJune 5, 2015Review
Paper TownsJohn Green

XJune 8, 2015Review
More Happy Than NotAdam SilveraJune 6, 2015XJune 10, 2015Review
The Witch HunterVirgnia BoeckerJune 2, 2015   XJune 12, 2015Review
Something Strange and DeadlySusan Dennard
XJune 17, 2015Review
A Darkness Strange and LovelySusan Dennard
XJune 18, 2015Review
Strange and Ever AfterSusan Dennard
XJune 19, 2015Review
A Court of Thorns and RosesSarah J. Maas
June 24, 2015Review
The UnquietMikaela EverettSeptember 22, 2015in progressJune 26, 2015Review
TapeSteven CamdenJanuary 30, 2014XJuly 3, 2015Review
MagoniaMaria Dahvana HeadleyApril 28, 2015XJuly 8, 2015Review
Suicide Notes from Beautiful GirlsLynn WeingartenJuly 7, 2015XJuly 15, 2015Review
The DUFFKody KeplingerFebruary 25, 2015XJuly 16, 2015Review
The DivinersLibba Bray
XJuly 22, 2015Review
Lair of DreamsLibba BrayAugust 25, 2015XJuly 24, 2015Review
The Copper GauntletHolly Black and Cassandra ClareSeptember 1, 2015XJuly 27, 2015Review
After the Red RainBarry Lyga, Peter Facinelli, Rob DeFrancoAugust 4, 2015XAugust 5, 2015Review
MechanicaBetsy CornwellAugust 25, 2015XAugust 5, 2015Review
Never Always SometimesAdi AlsaidAugust 4, 2015XAugust 12, 2015Review
The Five Stages of Andrew BrawleyShaun David HutchinsonJanuary 20, 2015XAugust 13, 2015Review
Vengeance RoadErin BowmanSeptember 1, 2015XAugust 14, 2015Review
The Uninvited Cat WintersAugust 11, 2015XAugust 16, 2015Review
Court of FivesKate ElliottAugust 18, 2015XAugust 19, 2015Review
AwakeNatasha PrestonAugust 4, 2015XAugust 28, 2015Review
HeartbreakersAli NovakAugust 4, 2015XSeptember 4, 2015Review
Strange LuckAimee Irene Winters
XSeptember 8, 2015 Review
A History of Glitter and BloodHannah MoskowitzAugust 18, 2015XSeptember 18, 2015Review
Six of CrowsLeigh BardugoSeptember 29, 2015XSeptember 21, 2015Review
The Wrath and the DawnRenee AhdiehMay 12, 2015XSeptember 23, 2015Review
I Crawl Through ItA.S. KingSeptember 22, 2015XSeptember 25, 2015Review
The Accident SeasonMoira Fowley-DoyleAugust 18, 2015XSeptember 28, 2015
Legacy of KingsEleanor HermanAugust 18, 2015XOctober 1, 2015
Walk on Earth a StrangerRae CarsonSeptember 22, 2015XOctober 1, 2015

Ruin & RisingLeigh BardugoJune 17, 2014     X

LandlineRainbow RowellJuly 8, 2014X

The 39 Deaths of Adam StrandGregory Galloway

If I StayGayle Forman


SnuffChuck Palahniuk

GracelingKristen Cashore

The Handmaid's TaleMargaret Atwood

We Need to Talk About KevinLionel Shriver

The Knife of Never Letting GoPatrick Ness

The Ask and the AnswerPatrick Ness


Monsters of MenPatrick Ness


Geek GirlHolly Smale

The GoldfinchDonna Tartt

EnsnaredA.G. HowardJanuary 6, 2015

If You're LuckyYvonne PrinzOctober 20, 2015

The Fire WishAmber Lough 

SickTom Leveen

And All the StarsAndrew K. Host

The Brothers KaramazovFyodr Dostoyevsky

GlamoramaBret Easton Ellis

White TeethZadie Smith

The BodyJenny Boully

The Cancer WardAleksandr Solzhenitsyn

American GodsNeil Gaiman

Anansi BoysNeil Gaiman

Dark PlacesGillian Flynn

Catch-22 Joseph Heller

White SpaceIlsa J. Bick 

RookSharon Cameron

Geek LoveKatherine Dunn

Naked LunchWilliam Burroughs

Pale FireVladimir Nabokov

MausArt Spiegelman

Notes from Underground Fyodr Dostoyevsky

Dead SoulsNikolas Gogol 

1Q84Haruki Murakami

Talk TalkT.C. Boyle

The IdiotFyodr Dostoyevsky

Anna KareninaLeo Tolstoy

The Darkest MindsAlexandra Bracken

Good OmensTerry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

The Name of the StarMaureen Johnson

DamnedChuck Palahniuk


  1. That's a great chart. Could I ask what software you used? Was it hard to post it onto website?

    1. It's a lifesaver. I just made an Excel spreadsheet and then used to convert the copy-and-pasted cells into HTML. If you don't make it too wide, it should work fine. I was able to just paste the HTML into my blogger and then fiddle with a few of the color commands. It's not the most customizable option (easily, anyway), but it works if you just want something simple.