Year of the Scarecrow 
A Teen Fantasy Novel 
[Draft one:  ~15,000 words underway] 

Tyrin Fallows is a failure.  He's just plain unlucky.  Really unlucky.  As in, he's the son of two of the most important mages in the kingdom, with absolutely zero magical talent, who works as a kitchen boy at the castle and has only one friend because everyone else is afraid that being next to him will kill them.  That unlucky.  So when he lands a job with Dandric Daridus, one of the two best sorcerers in all of Rewnyn, he's pretty sure his life is back on track.  Except Dandric got himself exiled from the magical College years ago for reasons no one really knows, along with two of his closest friends.  One was exiled to the captive kingdom of Delk.  The other still lives in Rewnyn, and whenever he and Dandric meet, towns burns and people get crossed with all sorts of curses.  So Tyrin thinks he's a hero when he stops a fight between the two sorcerers and gets them to work together again--until they work together to kidnap the crown prince.  The only thing stopping them from taking over?  A grimoire that was stolen years before, a demon trapped in a cat's body, a beautiful half-insane princess, and the idiot boy who got everyone into this mess.